Fat & furious! California Rolls! LOL! Thanks to the cast in this video. Stay tuned to Lukita Productions! Cast: Edit - Fish DDR-ers - Lukita, WAR, Rajab Back/Frontstroke Roadswimmer - WAR Paraparadiser - WAR Parapara spectators - Rose, J, Miniman, Samu, 20 Cent Clubbers - Brandon, Chester, Nick, [unknown crowd] Floor Spin Guys - Fish, Aufi Burping Guy - Pete Shufflers - Lukita, Fish, Aufi, Darius, Brandon Broom Guy - Brandon Shuffle Spectators - Dog, JT, Kevin Eating Guy - Lukita Shooters - J, JohnLaws L4D scene Gigolo Zombie - Ahadh Face Covering Guy - Fish Belly Dancer - WAR Soccer Girl - Ain(kecil) Jackass - Pete Scooter - J Laughing Kid - Daudh Locations: Jusco Arcade(Alpha Angle Wangsa Maju), PV 10 outdoor parking lot, Estana Criiz Club, Pete's kitchen, Sri Utama, Fish's driveway, Abandoned House at Zooview, Razzaq's dining table, somewhere in Puchong
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9 Responses to “.::||Lukita Productions Crew||::. [We Are Fat & Furious!]”

  1. kamilpasha says:

    hooho,ahd lok perv lol

  2. ok ok fucks.

  3. imfromearth says:

    OMG, I didn’t notice!

  4. TheGentlemanJ says:

    u fat ass shut up la im the man wiv this idea ur just a pornstar

  5. johnlaws911 says:

    lol was dat ahadh running around in his speedo at 2:37?

  6. fatmanz994 says:

    hahhaha funny doh, i think our video can join the best funny video in the world man. I LOVE THIS VIDEO
    thk good there is no my embarrasing scene.

  7. TheGentlemanJ says:

    omfg!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so cool why the fat guy pops up in most or every time when the girl part comes?

  8. imfromearth says:

    Lukita Productions power!

  9. Danial90leo says:

    bgos pok. funny, couldn’t stop laughing