If your a subscriber then just message to ask for songlist. Luke (Jelly) and Moyle (Silver) Hitting mackay again, been a while 😉

For the first time ever, I decided to shuffle down to the annual Adelaide Zombie Walk.

17 Responses to “Mackay Shuffle Hardstyle – Silver and Jelly”

  1. MindWraith02 says:

    around 6 feet i suppose 😛

  2. XxneoGrishxX says:

    How tall are jelly?

  3. Some of the best I’ve seen… especially the kid on the back deck around 1:00… he looked like he was floating!

  4. lilvuey68 says:

    @KammikazyS OMG ur sucha shit talker aye talking ur self up hahahah you dont even hav any vids of you, only phengo does and phengo is better then you BAHAHAHAH ur so up urself

  5. KammikazyS says:

    wats the 3rd song

  6. KammikazyS says:

    man id like to meet up wif u guys but i live in cairns u would be better compition for me im the best in cairns ac sept only old vids r on you tube of me im way better u guys can check them out just type kammikazy and search tht remember there old vids and im way better now

  7. Tweaker8800 says:

    do you have the song list :p plz

  8. Tweaker8800 says:


  9. akoangpancit says:


  10. Pyrodemon6662 says:

    @MindWraith02 Can I get the Song List off you please XD

  11. lol this video fkn awesome… wats the songlist…

  12. Th3MackTownShufflers says:

    never know there were people that shuffles in mackay.

  13. Th3MackTownShufflers says:

    why dont we have a shuffle meetup in jan before school starts?

  14. MindWraith02 says:

    yeah there are plenty of great shufflers in mackay 🙂
    a proper shuffle competition would have a big turnout i reckon

  15. MsPeaceRain says:

    hi,very nice video,hahaha i think i saw the rest of this video earlier LOL
    anyways,vote for you 5* ,if there were more *,i would vote all LOL

  16. TheIdealtrash says:

    After seeing this makes me think it might be worthwhile holding a proper shuffle comp here in town…. just might be worthwhile

  17. rockkettt says:

    hektik vid man, nice style 🙂 both of you.
    cant wait seeing use in mackay 😉