Our first decient filming of us dancing: shuffling, hardjump, and tecktonik. we could not find a place to film, so we were like "lets go to the park" so we spent maybe 15 minutes looking for an eletrical outlet for "bubba" and thats why it was all in the same location, filmed in november ­čśÇ
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8 Responses to “MAYFAIR! LOL”

  1. hahahaa!´╗┐ Wow Nice video

  2. LoveSugar123 says:

    cute video.´╗┐ beginning is scary though(:

  3. deadlypower2008 says:

    Hardstyle´╗┐ shuffle > tektonik gay

  4. BeatAmplified says:

    in southern california, santa clarita´╗┐ if u know where that is thx

  5. deiterK024 says:

    this video is dope where do u´╗┐ guys live?

  6. BeatAmplified says:

    which´╗┐ one?

  7. xXDarkxEclipseXx says:


  8. u dont know the meaning of hardstyle…
    u ruined the´╗┐ dance and style u failures