IGNORE URL IN FILM, USE THIS INSTEAD: tinyurl.com/z00mbi Greetings folks! There's a lot of talk in the media these days about those flesh-eating menace-spawns called "zombies". I'd like to spread the word that my town, Melbourne - Australia, is in fact an (almost) zombie-free town (as opposed to, say, Canberra). YES - it is now 98.33% zombie-free in fact! Help me spread the word by purchasing a T-shirt and wearing it around tourists, or maybe your mum, or maybe at work, around other zombies - the opportunities are endless! Visit the online store at cafepress.com/shop_of_x . Spread the word! The City of Melbourne thanks you! That URL again: cafepress.com/shop_of_x IGNORE URL IN FILM, USE THIS INSTEAD: redbubble.com/people/gadzooxtian
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15 Responses to “Melbourne – now 98.3% Zombie-free !!!”

  1. BartAllenImpulse says:

    Never buy the t shirt steal it for free

  2. Gadzooxtian says:


  3. werid

  4. hahaha hey dude- i work with sylvia at the awesome ‘coffee club’- she told me to check out ur videos- love em! awesome! awesome!


  5. nausinora says:

    lmfao love it

  6. a showing of some of the 1.7% will be held at the carlton gardens at high noon on the 6th nov. melbourne cup day. if you are one of the undead, i suggest you be there!

  7. CirrusBluesummers says:

    Ok, you got me there, sorry for the mix up, I’ll see about buying that shirt now.

  8. Gadzooxtian says:

    True – we’re 98.3% zombie free. That means 1.7% are zombies – that’s approx. 170,000 zombies. A lot, yes, BUT AT LEAST WE’RE 98.3% ZOMBIE-FREE !!! (NOW BUY THE DAMN SHIRT!)

  9. 6shnuggle6 says:

    Yes, Canberra is over-run by zombies. But they taste great with cheese! ~~Mark in Canberra~~

  10. CirrusBluesummers says:

    This is a lie. I’ve been to Melbourne Australia and seen tons of zombies. The place was lousy with em

  11. LilithFilth says:

    That’s why i live here!
    It’s about time there was some Melbourne tourism ad’s that made perfect sense to people.

  12. Really great work !! Houla Xtian 🙂

  13. noiiiiiice! especially love the little “ping”s!

    go melbourne! woo!

  14. Gimmeabreakman says:


  15. dscefonas says: