Summer shuffle 2010 TRAILER comming soon TR/MEW2.

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

22 Responses to “Melbourne shuffle 2010 TRAILER!”

  1. David Leandro says:

    wow , very very good 5/5

  2. m1n3rsw33per says:

    Ow Sarah o_O thankzzz <333333333

  3. DoN Spektor says:

    nice 5*

  4. Ch4osSh4dow says:

    nice bro but kinda bad quality : D eaven in hd XD but nicely done : D 5*

  5. /watch?v=NPRpUzKIIpc /watch?v=NPRpUzKIIpc /watch?v=NPRpUzKIIpc
    /watch?v=NPRpUzKIIpc vllew 🙂

  6. he did good…but y do you need a trailer for an activity you can do
    anytime you want…im actually getting ready to go with sum friends to
    shuffle right now

  7. DesFleursForYou says:

    it’s quite good 🙂 next time pay more attention for the quality but it’s
    really good Keep it up *****

  8. Sarah Allya says:

    This is really good 😀

  9. Rainbowtardiful says:


  10. Awesome ! 5* -CreMaX

  11. äm okay Ô.ö

  12. Awesome ;D Show some more moves so people would actually know something
    about the dance 🙂 5/5

  13. New Vídeo =D /watch?v=Z7ZOzx6I-1g /watch?v=Z7ZOzx6I-1g Coment’z and rate
    please ‘-‘ and Nice Trailer 😉

  14. Steve Norris says:

    your really good

  15. ItsRockiiBby says:

    itt was awesome:o

  16. satsugua96 says:

    Nice video ant edit +5 could you can say the song please ? ;]

  17. Daniel Börchers says:

    jear man great camera moving good shots und good shuffle this is what i
    call a shuffle video 😉

  18. Modesta Lukina says:

    very Nice,+5

  19. ifailshuffle says:

    wtf was that?

  20. jeehtutti says:

    Ahh táa mtõ zicaa!

  21. Thii Santini says:

    ta dançando em Coruja =D By = Thii

  22. Tem q Treina MUITO ainda….