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25 Responses to “Melbourne Shuffle 2013 [TRACKLIST IN DESCRIPTION]”

  1. Colton Edge - The Viper Studio says:

    спасибо за музыку!))

  2. SiloScontrols says:

    Nightfall, Fallen, Reset, Corzza, and Flow aren’t doing mass. >.>

  3. Nightfall, Traktor, Fallen *-* Nice comp, like & fav -N3XT4

  4. D0minat3ful says:

    We do own not mas / rockers buddy

  5. Bethany Bowden says:


  6. Exile Michael says:

    very nice.

  7. ArthurOfficial1 says:


  8. Maxim Chumaks says:

    They are all MAS/Rockers

  9. D0minat3ful says:

    nice comp man, thanks for putting me in ^_^

  10. Artur Burczyński says:

    Great video 🙂

  11. damn! fav

  12. DAVE Shuffle says:

    hahaha wow very Nice Nice i like hahaha -Dave

  13. Loerdaeron says:

    where is kibersportsman?

  14. ALatas lKlyo says:

    what songe??

  15. Amir Buslovers says:

    RESET channel please

  16. *-* awesome!! asdfasdfsdf ♥ Nightfall, traktor, fallen, corzza, melanholy,
    ruy ♥

  17. Kei Reaver says:

    Nice :3

  18. Kyle Shuffler says:

    Yeah MAS style is for asians imo lol looks more like a workout than a
    dance… Melbourne all the way!!

  19. Evgeny Demin says:

    good compilation like;) CAN’ACTION

  20. fav =D

  21. SImple but smooth, cool video -T0ny

  22. Maxim Chumaks says:

    only MAS…

  23. Espada0070 says:

    there is no kibersportsman

  24. RBPresents says:

    Thanks for putting together the celebrity shufflers! Amazing comp!

  25. Cody The Creator says:

    Sick vid! ^-^/