It's Omeed in 2009 Shuffling with no effects Enjoy 🙂 Ps Uploaded by DJ Leecey 🙂

25 Responses to “Melbourne Shuffle Omeed 09”

  1. aPHDFrenzy says:

    watch vid 😛
    gold coast shuffler
    BN | ViBeZ

  2. Shufflezzz1 says:

    nice ass crack lol GET PHATTIES I LOVE UR SHUFFLE BRO

  3. whats the name of the song in the very 1st part of the song
    sick shuffle vid

  4. @stinkbra His style is very different than most of the videos posted on youtube. Those are the ones that are focused on technical moves…not this one. The general public of shufflers look like robots because they all do the same thing.

  5. poonageguy says:

    Best shuffle seen in ages love the style + tecktonic is crazy 5/5 faved

  6. shufflerstyles says:

    Sick tektonik bro love it.

  7. frozenflame456 says:

    song names ??

  8. frozenflame456 says:

    hey hey now haha im from qld 😛 im better then in my vids now tho 😛 haha

  9. AFG4LYF122 says:

    fully sicck broothher (Y)

  10. So cool style ! 5* 😛

  11. EzraCantShuffle says:

    hahaha qld is getting really good at shuffling i think
    mostly brisbane though

  12. HardStyleProduction says:

    your a muzza ahahah not bad for a kid form qld though

  13. HMMMMM WEIRD ~ message to him>ur far from shit but u need to watch ur vids and think about wats wrong with them cause u spend too much time on tech and not enough on how it looks overall ~ ur 1st few seconds were the best ~ fair good tho

  14. afghan7akilis says:

    lol Its sexy

  15. The video is officially rated “MA 15+” Due to the exposure of Omeeds ass 🙂

  16. ahmadomar13 says:

    IM FLASHING 4 U RITE NOW~~~~!!!!!!

  17. adelaideshufflah says:

    he has gotten better but he is stil fair shit i dont rely like that running man you do loooks reatrded lol and yea but getting better

  18. lol jking

  19. can i have ur number

  20. ily xox

  21. ThEwAtEvErShOwW says:

    love itt!! x

  22. some of the best shuffles ive ever seen.

  23. TheDayIDiedx says:

    Any way of getting this song downloaded? – i really like it thanxx. could you msg me if yu can get the song

  24. FootyFan911 says:

    y u lookin there? O.O

  25. kauesonypsp says:

    emo core no shuffle kkk