I joined Melbourne Zombie gathering this year. 喪屍危機It's fun and I dressed up. Do I look scary? The ugliest I have ever had. What do my friends say? So terrible. Thank you Robotmangreg filming and made the video for me. www.youtube.com/robotmangreg

8 Responses to “Melbourne Zombie Shuffle 2010 – Lonsdale St”

  1. queenie0111 says:

    Yes join next time.

  2. queenie0111 says:

    Yes… but forget to take pictures with super youtube star AngryAussie. It’s not great. I need one next time.

  3. queenie0111 says:

    I made him feel scary

  4. Arthur40TwoDent says:

    You looked great, I love the kid at the end.

  5. AngryAussie says:

    It was a great day!

  6. AndySmiirnoff says:

    that ending was great 🙂

  7. StylidiumLane says:

    looks like you had a great time!

  8. RobotManGreg says:

    Good Times