Thousands of people turned out for another amazing Zombie Shuffle in Melbourne. It was amazing to see so many different Zombies and to see how creative people can be. I recorded stacks of footage so much I have to make several videos. You'll be able to find more of my pictures here Music by Kevin Macleod tittle 'Unnatural Situation' My Melbourne Street Art Website My T Shirts and Art on RedBubble T Shirts on Zazzle Find me on Twitter Up Late in Melbourne - Music, Video's, Melbourne & More Facebook Fan Page (for my Artwork)

25 Responses to “Melbourne Zombie Shuffle 2010 (Part 1)”

  1. Miss98Jessica says:

    ohh that was so funn i wanna go again next year

  2. HDDcam73 says:

    I arrived in Melbourne from NZ on that day and came across some rather creepy looking people on the train on my way out to Ringwood… wondered what the hell was going on LOL 😀 … but now I know 🙂

  3. deseasedracoon says:

    @deseasedracoon i mean 0:02

  4. deseasedracoon says:

    OMG i can see ma self in the white an red tee 1:39

  5. MutantTurnip says:

    @RobotManGreg lol yeah true

  6. SUPERoliviaaaaa says:

    hahaha! Darwish, lost the GAME eyy?

  7. RobotManGreg says:

    @MutantTurnip I don’t think it’s for anything other than having fun and being creative… and also freaking the general public out.

  8. MutantTurnip says:

    lol what was this for cus i want to get involved next year

  9. MorbidMaliciousAngel says:

    0:25 seconds I’M THE MILITARY NURSE!! haha with pink hair and so much fake blood it took me 3 washes to get it all out. BEST DAY EVER!

  10. I’m so impressed with the people who went the extra mile with their costumes and especially the mobile DJ.

  11. Jahlee2k9 says:

    @orangemonkeykiller I Lost 🙁

  12. Jahlee2k9 says:

    1:33, I Saw The Sign And Lost The Game

  13. RobotManGreg says:

    @aandresz there were a couple of people defending us from the thousands of Zombies, come along next year.

  14. aandresz says:

    i saw this on saturday LOLS, me and my friend were planning on buying toy guns and play Left 4 Dead

  15. RobotManGreg says:

    @orangemonkeykiller which Zombie is you?

  16. orangemonkeykiller says:

    you should all watch @1:31

  17. RobotManGreg says:

    @AngryAussie yes there were stacks of Zombies, looking forward to your vid.

  18. AngryAussie says:

    I missed a few of those zombies!

  19. RobotManGreg says:

    @jellibum no thank you. Glad you enjoyed it.

  20. jellibum says:

    Thank you!! I was the screamer zombie and half of my friends were in this one. You made our first Zombie Shuffle the best ever!!

  21. Miss98Jessica says:

    @RobotManGreg 14 seconds u only see me for like 2 seconds and im behind everyone but cool im on youtube bahahaha

  22. RobotManGreg says:

    @Miss98Jessica Cool. What time on the video? Hope you had fun.

  23. Miss98Jessica says:


  24. RobotManGreg says:

    @WoWloversd I don’t so, there were so many different Zombies out there.

  25. WoWloversd says:

    hey have u got any footage of a zombie with like this odd stocking on his head and wearing a grey shirt?