The second part of my video show at the 2010 Melbourne Zombie Shuffle. Music by Blordough from his EP "Revival Eyes" ht...
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Ok, so here's a little video I made of my day at the Zombie Walk. It was a whole lot of fun! In this video I got a bit of the events that took place before t...
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36 Responses to “Melbourne Zombie Shuffle 2010 – Part 2”

  1. hernameisnoelle4 says:

    Lol at the zombie with the Big W bag.

  2. I haven’t known that Guy guy for very long.

  3. Arthur40TwoDent says:

    I knew Terry was in my video from last year but looking at it again I realized Guy is it too.

  4. Yeah, I didn’t even know they were at it.

  5. Fractelle says:

    Love my city. Left many times to roam, but always return.

  6. Arthur40TwoDent says:

    Cool Terry and Guy in this one.

  7. Thanks for share! 😀

  8. AmsterdamHeavy says:

    fat aussie zombie chicks, cool

  9. blordough says:

    Hey man the EP isn’t named Revival Eyes, that’s just my website haha. I did the EP under the name Evade Nemoral. I have so many aliases/names it can be confusing to many 😛

  10. littleweirdguy says:

    can’t wait for this years Zombie shuffle, got my costume all sorted already

  11. paulytheaussie says:

    lmao MUM!!!!!!!! what are you doing in Angrys vid ( shes the one with the beard)LMAO

  12. unknownkiller00 says:

    if this came down my street id be like
    me:OMG!!!!!!!!!……….mexicans…..*starts barricading house with wood and chains*

  13. Austin Lang says:

    he isnt GWAR hes Oderus Urungus. lead singer of GWAR and ruler of us all!!!

  14. kielguieb2001 says:

    are they real?

  15. wow! That sounds so awesome! I should plan a trip one of these years

  16. The Ohio one was during the Midwest Haunters Convention a couple years ago. Literally seemed like thousands of people. It took better part of an hour. Columbus just gets overrun w/ Zombies, Vampires, haunters and body painters the whole weekend. Well worth checking out.


  17. xavierguitars says:

    You never heard of GWAR? uh….

  18. I know someone on here from Australia that went to one, I found information on one in Ohio for someone once…they are all over the place. I think they were in the states before Canada actually…this was only Toronto’s 8th one..You should Google it. I lived in Toronto for three years and had NO CLUE it existed until one year I did..the same could be happening in your city 🙂 You just never know. lol

  19. metalklown says:

    I only ever hear about these in Canada.

  20. so many people say that…which is surprising because they’re ALL OVER! You probably have one near by if you looked into it 🙂

  21. Brandon41214 says:

    WTF ?!
    Never even heard of one of these.

  22. robokiwi37 says:


  23. FireGoddess269 says:


  24. i suppose. I was just talking to someone who’s never heard of Our Lady Peace before and I find that equally hard to believe! I can see your point. lol

  25. fair enough good sir! but they”ve been around for over 25 years which is why i find it hard to believe that you never heard of them before!!

  26. maybe I will now. Not so much “not having an interest” and more “not having been introduced to it before”. Seriously, there are millions of band I have no clue about. Hahah.

  27. haha you replied to that completely different than i thought you would! i thought youd call me a douche bag or something and tell me gwar sucks. but srsly, gwar is one of my favorite bands ><. it has nothing to do with you not getting out, just a genre of music that you clearly dont have a huge interest in lol.

  28. I’m giving myself lashings as we speak 🙁 I’m sorry, I guess I don’t get out enough? lol.

  29. how could you not know who oderus urungus is????? for shame!

  30. totally. It’s one of my favorite annual events in Toronto!

  31. The Galactic Chic says:

    It was so much fun bonding with fellow zombies!!! :))))

  32. The Galactic Chic says:


  33. yup. there are a lot of zombies our there

  34. CreepyUnicorn says:

    Wow there are so many people.

  35. it is. It’s nice that such a large group of people come together and get along as nicely as they do at the zombie walk. hahaha, and I love seeing families there with their kids. I saw some kids all zombied up and it was so great!

  36. Gay Family Values says:

    LOL very cool fun event