The annual zombie shuffle is on of my favourite events each year in Melbourne. This is the fourth year I've been to the shuffle and this year I decided to ta...

25 Responses to “Melbourne Zombie Shuffle 2011”

  1. yeyahh andrew

  2. haha, the Lego guys …..brilliant

  3. Toby Walker says:


  4. Toby Walker says:


  5. Octagomanus says:

    Imagine someone waking up from a coma on the day and looking through their window to this lol

  6. max brincat says:

    my uncle and untie at 2:34 in the wheel chair on the right

  7. Where is the Umbrella Corp. when you need them? =P

  8. HELGHAST1990 says:

    I would dressed up as chris

  9. Anybody got the phone number for that Zombie at 1.27 ???

  10. They have a Zombie fest every single day in Canberra !

  11. BigDic Johnson says:

    I would love to see you at Zombiecon over here in Florida. That would be epic!

  12. best zombie shuffle i’ve seen­Y

  13. 3:46 in the nerVous suit 🙂 Great stuff!

  14. sweeeet! Im the soccer zombie at 2:35!
    This vid rocks mate 😀

  15. nope, this event is usually in may but ended up here due to some problem with the two organisers. Some people do go trick or treating though

  16. Oh man, I walked straight past you!

  17. wheres my shotty knew this day would come…

  18. Tara McMahon says:

    So cut i couldnt go! I had been looking forward to this for since last years, I had everything ready.. then BAM! sick as a freaking dog! Everyone looks great though. must of been a lot of fun.

  19. Hungryhungryhobo23 says:

    Melbourne Humans versus Zombies, 3:50-3:54 representin’

  20. 1% of the population controls 50% of the Brains! We do not think this is fair

  21. pbrskater26 says:

    Do you guys celebrate halloween in australia?

  22. 😀 yay.

  23. AngryAussie says:

    Oh, I did feature you in a video on my second channel 🙂

  24. AddictiveBreedNICK says:

    Awesome footage mate…. I’ll have to tag along next year… Dead Rockstar, I couldn’t see one

  25. Awwwww man, I was hoping you were gonna put my shoutout in there.
    I was the dude in camo gear that ran up and yelled “I LOVE ANGRY AUSSIE”

    Well at least I’m still in the video at some points 😛