First part of my videos for the 2011 Melbourne Zombie Shuffle.

Melbourne Zombie Shuffle 2010 - on speed

a speedy look at Zombie Shuffle 2010 music by Vespertine
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7 Responses to “Melbourne Zombie Shuffle walkaround part 1”

  1. Sir John Mandeville says:

    Bloody hell, I keep missing these.

  2. WoWRazerd says:

    wait the whole video and it ends on me brilliant!

  3. JezzaHeart says:

    That would’ve been so much fun! 😀

  4. littleweirdguy says:

    thanks, I got to meet Hex from Good Game

  5. Currently Disconnected says:

    Dude that was friggin cool!
    I always end up missing these
    trippy footage man

  6. littleweirdguy says:

    Thanks Nick, when will we see your vid?

  7. Arthur40TwoDent says:

    You had a great look Tery.
    Zombie shuffle at high speed, I got to play Wheres Zombie wally in this video.