Fixed ? Yes . Tracklist : - Brennan Heart - Alternate Reality (Qlimax Anthem 2010) - Psyko Punkz & Noisecontrollers - Bass Mechanics - Zombie Nation - Kernkraft 400 (Hardstyle Mafia Remix) - D-Block & S-Te-Fan - Loopmachine - Brooklyn Bounce - Club Bizarre (Headhunterz & Noisecontrollers Remix) - Psyko Punkz - Bass Boom - Zatox - Creation - Headhunterz - Subsonic (Hard Bass Mix) - Donkey Rollers - Strike Again - Showtek - Born 4 Thiz - The Pitcher - I Just Can't Stop Should be it , if something's missing be sure to note . Image :
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25 Responses to “Merry Christmas – Hardstyle Mix 2”

  1. sonidobarbanegra says:

    hardstyle Master… GO}}}}

  2. BBQsaucee says:

    @TranceForAllChannel i love all your vids, there the best good work

  3. Tiypo1337 says:

    AWESOME! Keep it coming!

    also, when is the oversized-rubberband going to be recognised as an official instrument?

  4. pewpewpewlazers17 says:

    sick tracks man 😀

  5. TranceForAllChannel says:


    In the description now .

  6. @TranceForAllChannel Well gee. That seems to fix it. Not too sure why it’s gotta be HD, oh well.
    Used to always listen to your mixes at the top quality but my internet is being sporadic lately so I usually let it load at 360p just so it streams without having to stop to load. Anyhow, 720p+ From now on even if I have to wait for it to load. Much worth it. Thanks, keep the music coming bud 🙂

  7. Unkillable333music says:

    Great Upload, reminds me of Qlimax ’10 😉

  8. Frederikq8 says:

    can you upload the picture?

  9. PutteCantShuffle says:

    Marry christmas Motherfuckerz

  10. TranceForAllChannel says:


    Crackle ? Maybe you should try HD .

  11. Crackle.. Crackle… Crackle.. Crackle.
    Disappointed. Greatly.

  12. Shappas92 says:

    what are the songs

  13. Shappas92 says:

    haha this is sweet

  14. Jilteddi says:

    Reuploaded twice? Anyways, great mix, thanks for 30min so I wont need to rape replay.
    -Merry christmas Trance4Allchannel

  15. TranceForAllChannel says:


    I think it was ‘ Hardstyle Mafia ‘ .

  16. TranceDance7 says:

    Oh woah woah, TFAC has me stumped on 1 song. Now man, who remixed the Zombie Nation track? 😉

  17. TranceForAllChannel says:


    In the end, the audio glitched out and silenced .

  18. xrandomguy1993x says:

    @tammelol Simple.Some parts of the music was silent…In otherwords,missing.

  19. Thanks for this awesome remix and oooomg, 30mins! Now i dont have to rape that replay 🙂
    – Have a nice christmas Trance4All!

  20. HardstyleNinja247 says:

    Where did you get that picture?

  21. TrafficMan7 says:


  22. Great that you fixed it 😀 Thanks for the awesome christmas present tranceforall a big thumbs up for you!

  23. TraceurRijeka says:

    so man, already passed a yr? nice song and love the pic

  24. tammelol says:

    Reuploaded ? What was the problem ?

  25. DanielSonWSP says:

    I’m actually touched by this, i feel like i received a present from you, thank you.