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24 Responses to “Michael Jackson – Thriller Music Video”

  1. love it but video is scary

  2. Dzheridein says:

    man to man, – the wolf, and the zombie to zombies – zombies

  3. saucersauce says:

    I’ve always wondered if Matthew 27: 52-53 was the inspiration for Thriller. I wonder if “J” could move like that??

  4. TheQueen4music says:

    @421sup No, just for pure hatred.

  5. choudhyofpakistan says:

    Still listening for sure lop!

  6. ekmann999 says:

    lms if ur still listen in 2012

  7. thedarknight307 says:

    Mj was a great man. He was a genius of music. His dancing was top notch. Its terribly sad he died. I hope his legacy lives on in the future.

  8. TheFreeman1237 says:

    @ davebarnett1 his real name Ralph macchio I don’t remember how to spell his last name

  9. lexihouser2011 says:

    I just LOVE this song

  10. @MyAchievementhunter If you die, you deserved it.

  11. mcdavidwilliam says:

    bad music

  12. davebarnett1 says:

    He sort of remnds me of Daniel Laruso in the original Karate Kid.

  13. King25745 says:


  14. MJ fans should watch…….”GOOD MORNING AMERICA INTERVIEWS THE JURY THAT AQUITTED MICHAEL JACKSON”….Do a search, it’s on you tube….VERY ENLIGHTENING…something postive in the media about MJ for a change….WATCH BEFORE YOU TUBE DELETES OR BLOCKS IT!!

  15. emilyNfrends says:

    umm 2012 hah hees dead but i mean it respektfully

  16. Bakezonline says:


  17. XoooStacieLynnooox says:

    I was reading that evan chandler was gonna win the case and MJ was gonna lose and his career will be over. But looks like evan lost, MJ is not evil and you died before him cuz ur a stinking liar you dooshbag. I hope your sol commits suicide. Both rot in hell. Mjs career never ended. He’s still very much popular and he’s number one!!!! Looks like jackson won and chandler lost.

  18. XoooStacieLynnooox says:

    Also another thing I’ve read is evan chandlers plan to make MJs career be over. But haha evan you lost, you were dead before MJ so looks like you lost. Haha that thing was soo funny that I read. MJs career is not over. He may be dead but he’s never gonna fade. He’s number one for eternity.

  19. IdliketoSay1 says:

    GREAT VIDEO!!!!!

  20. XoooStacieLynnooox says:

    Haters will hate on forever because they are permanantly damaged by the media. Sorry for those who cannot be fixedM and bless those who find the truth and love MJ. Michael Jackson, no matter what, will ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS be the biggest selling artist in the history of music. Nor will anyone ever beat or copy him….that’s impossible. Michael is an artist who come along only once PERIOD! No one can change that. Michael became the best and died knowing that. Haters waste their time on BS…sad.

  21. XoooStacieLynnooox says:

    I was just reading soo much stuff about MJ. I have now realized clearly now that TOM SNEDDON ruined MJs life. I thought it was his father, well its is but TOM SNEDDON is the fucking dooshbag that tried to get MJ guilty. He told the boys to frame Jackson. Ugh I hope he rots in hell. Michael I now everything I need to know to truly know you are innocent. I knew before you were but now I know clearly. I’ve been your fan since I was little. Never a day was I disappointed at you. I love you angel!

  22. you know have never heard of michael jackson but after I heard this song and I said ohhhh yeah that Is who Michael jackson
    is now I think he is better than the beatles
    sorry beatles

  23. thumbs up ..for nothing !!!!! Downloaded the mp3 with MelodyQuest . com for free bit.lyyHNrLk !

  24. DerFauxRitter says:

    @8dreadLock8 haters gonna hate.