MMS shuffle battle at community park. taped by AllisonGatyas

6 Responses to “MMS Shuffle Battle”

  1. felipinhounga says:

    mt bom *-*

    se puder ve o meu ae 😉


  2. luviebabi3 says:

    Im guessing the one in the socks is
    antonio hahahaha.
    Your awesome austin.

  3. bdanniexO says:

    antonio u look mental!!! ahaha i wuv chu tho!

  4. EmoBurrito95 says:

    what is really amazing is austin never trips over his epic pants!!! that looks like sooooooo much fun i wanna go next time!!! even tho I can’t shuffle =(

    antonino got alot better from the first video :]
    i need to stop beiing a pussy :
    cant wait till the mall!!! ill actually shuffle

  6. haha first to comment! 😀 i love you guys sooooooooo muchhhhhh.
    I was there :O woooooot! I had the most amamamamamzzzinngggggg time ever! we need to ddo this again soooooonnnn :DDDD