READ THE DESCRIPTION PLEASE! ---------------- - FIRST: "ZOMBIE" HAS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH CARA AS A BANELING, OR AT LEAST NOT IN THE WAY ONE WOULD THINK. READ FURTHER FOR MORE INFO. - SECOND: IF YOU DON'T LIKE FAST VIDEOS WITH LOTS OF FLASHES, THIS IS NOT FOR YOU. SO PLEASE, DON'T RATE IT LOW OR COMMENT BECAUSE OF THAT. - THIRD: PLEASE, AGAIN AVOID LEAVING COMMENTS OR RATING LOW BECAUSE THIS IS NOT A RICHARD/KAHALAN VIDEO. Yes, I've had messages telling me that they don't like my videos cuz there are too many Mord'Sith, too much Cara & Denna & no R/K. I DON'T CARE. The show & the books ARE NEITHER a comedy NOR a romantic novel. They're fantasy & they are adventure. Richard & Kahlan's love happens to be a very big part of this universe, BUT NOT EVERYTHING MUST REVOLVE AROUND THEM. NO CHARACTER BASHING EITHER. Thank you. ---------------- ^ Sorry about the premise, but lately I've been receiving ridiculus feedback. You can tell my videos suck for ANY reason. They might be sucky, short & ill-edited, BUT DO NOT comment on my choice of song or focus please. If I like Mord'Sith better than Richard & Kahlan, it's my buisness. Go watch videos you like better. ---------------- WARNING: THIS DESCRIPTION MIGHT CONTAIN POSSIBLE SPOILERS FOR UNAIRED EPISODES OF LEGEND OF THE SEEKER, ESPECIALLY 2x20 - 2x21; Ok, so ... I hadn't heard this song in a very long while, I went shuffle with my Ipod & it started playing. As soon as I heard the line "It's not my family..." I thought ...
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25 Responses to “Mord’Sith – “What’s in Your Head?” [Legend of the Seeker]”

  1. AuroraLamia says:

    Holy crap! This is amazing!

  2. lilschokii09 says:

    the song calls ” zombie ” and the singer are ” Cranberries ”

    i love this song 🙂

  3. DerMetrickzFan says:

    whats the name of the song? PLSSS

  4. SuperKastello says:

    PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ guys could anyone give me the link of the song or even the name of it and the artist =))
    plzzzz reply !!

  5. It is an amazing vid… And I think the songs fits perfectly to the Mord’Sith…Love it

  6. maurielroyer says:

    Awesome video.. Loved it 🙂 you have a very good taste!!

  7. maurielroyer says:

    Does anyone know who sings this song?? .. I have been looking for this song for a long period of time but I cant find it because dont know who sings it 🙁

  8. TheXena508 says:

    @AnnaGiuliaFiction but it is very very good video i like it :))

  9. i thought u did a great job will subscribe cant wate to see what else you cook up

  10. AnnaGiuliaFiction says:

    @TheXena508 Opinions.

  11. TheXena508 says:

    thats not perfect music for Mord’Sith 🙁

  12. great video.

  13. bibbsy123abc says:

    Awesome video!

  14. hermioniehalliwell03 says:

    Wow, sorry ’bout some of that feedback. And your totally right! Its not all about R/K there is a whole world out there. I think it was brilliant that you connected this song to the Mord’Sith. As for those that dont like anything BUT R/K, go read the books. I thought the editing was fantastic as well, and if they really are going to rate something low becuase of the editing, then they shouldn’t have the privelage to watch videos at all. This was a wicked video regardless of what anyone thinks. =)

  15. LifeIsWorthFighting says:

    funny I just thought of making a cara vid with this song.

  16. I LOVE this so much! :O 😀 It’s absolutely AWESOME!

  17. great video.

  18. paigecook16 says:

    wow…well i love mord sith too. i know and richard and kahlan r not all the books and show r about.well anyway love ur vid!

  19. FreaKysaucer says:

    perfectly edited, love it ^_^
    I’m always getting goosebumbs when I hear this song, makes me love this vid even more 🙂
    And I really like that you have many Mord’Sith scenes in your videos!

  20. MissBergman says:

    Great editing skills! 5 stars and fav!

  21. RichardKaylan says:

    i really love this video! don’t let anyone tell you otherwise ! [i read the description .. lol]
    R/K are really awesome and my fav characters and all, but i prefer the mord’sith vidlets 😀
    and of course cara is also one of my fav characters, denna not so much, but i still love, her book one more but thats not the point! lmaoo…
    i lovee you too 😉 and your amazing short flashy quick video’s – lol!! xx

  22. ElektraSkater says:

    WOW. I’m blind after so many flashes but the hell, I loved it! LOL Your editing is superfabulous, you’re one of my favourite vidders. Your videos are always pure gold, who the f*** is so stupid for giving you bad feedback? You’re awesome, no matter what you vid.

  23. CRYST2SHELL says:

    love this effing song!!!!!! so right for Cara! YOU ARE ACE! FOR DOING THIS!!!!

  24. FairyKingdom86 says:

    Freaking wow! Loved this! Great song choice to represent the Mord’Sith. I’ve been dying for someone to do this song to any fandom, so I’m really glad you choose it for Seeker. Loved the editing and your clip choices.

  25. Lifeeisbeeautiful says:

    mygosh ! freaking awesome !