In which we see Ness do the Ness Shuffle! I did not record video from the NES version of Mother 1 or Earthbound Zero because I couldn't figure out how to dump the video with the input display. Nothing exciting happens anyway; you can take my word that nothing happens or you can try it yourself. Also, I used the autohold features of the emulators to achieve pushing more than two or three directions at the same time [which is why the arrows are yellow sometimes in the GBA games). Most keyboards cannot register more than a few keys being pressed at the same time. Link to EBCentral: This video is now featured at
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10 Responses to “Mother D-pad Input Demonstration”

  1. Rachamacha says:

    I wanted to see the emulator spazz out and crash. Oh well…

  2. blahmoomoo2 says:

    @STEFANROCKER23 I agree that the SNES version sounds way superior to the GBA version. That’s partly due to the SNES having superior audio hardware. Even so, the point of the GBA version was to make it portable (at least, for people in Japan…). So there is a point to the port.
    However, they obviously had to reprogram several things (other than the music engine), which explains why Ness can shuffle in the GBA version.

  3. STEFANROCKER23 says:

    Well the snes version is the way to go, it’s the best version. Why play a crappy port?And was the little bitch really nescesary? Real mature man. Are you like 16 or something?

  4. Graceblood64 says:

    @STEFANROCKER23 It sounds alright to me. You fucking little bitch.

  5. KoopaEaterMKII says:

    @blahmoomoo2 You’re welcome 🙂

  6. blahmoomoo2 says:

    @KoopaEaterMKII gah, I feel like an idiot now. Annotated.

  7. KoopaEaterMKII says:

    Mother 1 SNES?

  8. blahmoomoo2 says:

    @KopperNeoman Both SNES and GBA versions of LttP have the glitch where using left+right+up or left+right+down on some staircases makes you walk through them. Look at publication 1588 and 1615 at tasvideos (google it)
    Reportedly, doing this kind of D-pad combination may make Mother 1+2 crash (in Mother 2), but I haven’t tried to duplicate what Mato described yet.

  9. STEFANROCKER23 says:

    wow the mother 2 music really sounds like crap on the gba..

  10. KopperNeoman says:

    Reminds me of that old glitch in one of the Link to the Past versions, honestly. (though not as cool sadly :()