Title/Credits-- The Mars Volta/Cassandra Gemini 7 Naruto-- The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus/Face Down Gaara-- System of a Down(SOAD)/Deer Dance Neji-- Maroon5/Harder To Breathe Shino-- Rob Zombie/Living Dead Girl Kiba-- Nickelback/Animals Shikamaru-- Chrono Cross (RPG)/Garden of the Gods Sasuke-- Static X/The Only Rock Lee-- Dead or Alive/Spin Me Right Round Kankuro-- Thousand Foot Krutch/Move Chouji-- Akon ft. Young Jeezy/Soul Survivor Jiraiya-- Ying Yang Twins/Wait The Whisper Song Kyuubi-- At All Cost/Death To Distraction
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Starwars episode 10 made by mark tinkler and has no reladvences to lucas artss pictures music done by bass hunter its called zombie nation

25 Responses to “Naruto iPod: Boys”

  1. beachluvingurl1979 says:

    stupid copyright T^T

  2. deideikunblueeyez says:

    Track is gone >.< Damn you copy right!!

  3. Reala13 says:

    @xGunZx666 you mean kinky? I call him that.

  4. Reala13 says:

    @gaarafox9 creative critisism?

  5. alvapossie9999 says:

    damnit copyright!

  6. charleshautz says:

    what about the akatsuki?

  7. dxtreme301 says:

    lucky naruto sasuke should get face down

  8. dayislopez says:

    where did you get the pictures?

  9. streetcats16 says:

    here’s a cool name to shikamaru:

  10. Rockunddraw says:

    Sasuke’s song-NFS Underground
    love it

  11. gaarafox9 says:

    lol, what?

    but hey, I like your username. πŸ˜€
    I named my rat Sakura Valentine πŸ˜›

  12. vincentsgirl4ever says:

    you don’t have the senseis???? T^T

  13. xGunZx666 says:

    kankys should be “master of puppets”
    cuz he is.

  14. KogganneI says:

    theres alots of cul!! songs damn i wish i know whats the title

  15. Srslycrzydde says:

    rawr!!!! lol thats hilarious xD love u for putting this together <3

  16. padkila says:

    omg fn good video

  17. gaarafox9 says:

    Oh, thank you very much. (:
    I don’t really remember the last time I actually received a kind comment. πŸ˜€

  18. kibainuzukafan01 says:

    these songs are so cool!

  19. KibaAkamaruFan4Life says:

    wtf was up with My Lil Pup Kiba’s song why would you put that song for him like Sexy Back would have bein way better like come on HE’S SUPA SEXY so do it better next time for him

  20. CryToTheBlackAbyss says:

    Awesome vid!!! Love the songs you used!

  21. gaarafox9 says:

    Stop sending hate comments, seriously. It’s incredibly annoying, and there’s no reason for it. We all have things we enjoy, and dislike, so take those negative comments, and put them to good use by making them positive, and putting them on something you actually like. I’m not the type of person to start cussing at you, but I’d much rather not have to deal with any form of disrespect. If there’s nothing good to say about any of my videos, please take it somewhere else.

  22. gaarafox9 says:

    Well sir (or ma’am), that is one atom-sized perspective, and there are millions of others. But I’m guessing you don’t care… that’s alright. I don’t mind. (:

    To be completely honest though, what was the point of that comment? If you’re coming from a biased standpoint, I’m not even hearing (reading) what you’re saying (writing). Plus your perspective is totally stereotypical, and provides no stastical evidence. Therefore, it is based on complete opinion, and does absolutely no damange. (:

  23. free4meh says:

    Manga is fucking shit and it sucks. Manga is only for emos and ugly wannabe nerds and wannabe Japanese loosers.

  24. starsky1012 says:

    this is always rock music

  25. gaarafox9 says:

    lol, yes. I understand that. I didn’t put Deidara, because I wouldn’t have been able to make the songs as long as I was able to.