Harry Beauchamp & Ross Trodden Nazi Zombie Glitch
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SAkura Con 2010 was amazing πŸ˜€ i got to rave and hag out with Zeze ,Dermont(Enix) and other shufflers. It was amazing meeting some and seeing others again. Wenatche SHufflers W/ Seattle are Shufflers at the Convention and trade center downtown Seattle. Shufflers in Order: Plus (Alex) -Wenatchee Sammich (Maddy)- Wenatchee ?? -Seatte Area Enix (Dermont)- Seattle Area Gordojum (Joel)- Wenatchee Chinja(Claudia ME)-Wenacthee Zeze(Sese)- TAcoma I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THIS SONGS SOngs: First: Hard Trance - Zombie Second: Pacman- Tiesto Third: Love story Remix

30 Responses to “Nazi Zombies Glitch”

  1. rosstherock says:

    lol it took u 8 tries to get into the glitch and the one broke in!!

  2. as soon as you join live it gets patched but if you dont it should work ill make a video on how to get in the glitch

  3. BouncyBabiie says:

    lool nazi zombie Shuffle ;L aint that patched or is it new??

  4. OneHitGamerDude says:

    how you do it?

  5. rosstherock says:

    nice this is awesome!!

  6. Nice!! πŸ˜€

  7. CrippledRufus says:

    Con shufflers UNITE !!!!! xD xD xD Maaan, I so wanted to go to Sakura con this year, but couldn’t get the money in time. Had a wonderful time shuffling with random people at Colossalcon though. Wonderful shuffling by the way, from every single one of you. EXPRESS BABEH ! PEACE !

  8. HARDFREAKdk says:

    you guys rock!=D specially at the party hehe=D
    keep shuffling^-^

  9. pls all from movie go out -.-

  10. thunderhorse1000 says:

    ok i see this is 2 months ago but most of the shufflers other than a few were moving way to slow and didnt keep up to the beat, they should shuffle to slower music like house or electro

  11. culoattack says:

    jaja are u serious ur commenting on ur self jajaja

  12. culoattack says:

    i have to say zeze was the best nicew video

  13. thunderhorse1000 says:

    @happymetoo11 cool, at least there are some people accept advice ^^

  14. happymetoo11 says:

    @thunderhorse1000 Well the shuffling friends I have likes advice and vice versa. Don’t worry we don’t have high ego.

  15. thunderhorse1000 says:

    @happymetoo11 i would but every time i give advice, the person has to high of an ego and snaps at me making excuses or the person says “i dont want help from nobody” this i cant ever help them, otherwise i would be glad to help,

  16. happymetoo11 says:

    @thunderhorse1000 Yes, you do have a point there. But how bout trying to give advice instead?

  17. thunderhorse1000 says:

    @happymetoo11 yes there is sucking, One stepping is the deffinition of suck, because that is not how runningman is supposed to look, and if you one step it is realy hard to make it look good

  18. happymetoo11 says:

    @thunderhorse1000 First off, there’s no sucking. There’s different styles and if you don’t like it then you don’t.
    Try to have some respect.

  19. thunderhorse1000 says:

    well enix is freaking good shuffler

  20. thunderhorse1000 says:

    yall suck at shuffleing im sorry to say

  21. nice style πŸ˜€

  22. salvatoredjsaba says:

    a braviiiiiiiiiii ;; )))

  23. tsukisakura says:

    @Haumbouw yes thats where it was plus at the raves… just practice and make videos to ask help πŸ™‚

  24. Ahhh cool. I didn’t see you guys do this at Sakura-con, was this outside of the arcade room? I can’t shuffle for crap right now. Hopefully I can be as good as you guys next year it would be cool to meet some of you.

  25. ccshufflers says:

    madd shit. 5/5


  26. tsukisakura says:

    @edgehead1405 WAShington

  27. edgehead1405 says:

    great shuffle!! where are you guys from??

  28. tsukisakura says:

    @MrJumpi95 thank you

  29. MrJumpi95 says:

    Your shuffle is very NICEEEE!!!! πŸ™‚

    Keep it up!!!!

    // DanJump ;D

  30. HardstyleRockez says:

    nice shuffle =)

    THD Bowen is one of [H.E.R.O]