Getting Better. SexyAsz Nikes dont yuh think? Hahaa

6 Responses to “OhYeah Shuffling Yeah”

  1. themrnizzer says:

    are those nikes dunks? or airs?

  2. dancerkid100 says:

    eeee im jealous of those nikes(;
    youu gett downn.!(:
    -Eddie [2GS]

  3. awwww clean asss nikes nd shuffing nd dha songs name is friday night(dj deve)remix

  4. Nice Nikes!
    Songs Please!

  5. GOOFy3224 says:

    Deng your Fucking Beast 😀 Love The Nikes <3
    -Kidd goofy From NES 🙂

  6. enoughbeaches says: