Oper [DLM] Second Shuffle Compilation

the full vid ^_^ a second and better part will come up for sure! songlist at the end of the video! watch in high quality!

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49 Responses to “Oper [DLM] Second Shuffle Compilation”

  1. 1EyeSack1 says:

    sometimes i feel down and i dont wanna dance, but then i come back here and
    i become a maniac.

  2. andréa leclerc says:


  3. visualken says:

    spin gets me every time 😀

  4. Eko Yulianto says:

    your the best shuffler oper

  5. incAshton says:

    @SuperRave4life if you knew anything about him, oper and intaro have an
    online shuffle school there channel is onlineshuffleschool

  6. wow…i’ve seen hundreds of shufflers but u surpassed them all…really

  7. ieatkidz4breakfast says:

    he looks better when his style is O-chibi but Oper achik style looks smooth
    too. Oper’s moon walk is killer

  8. what is it for a nike pant @ 0:23 :P? Nike 6.0`?

  9. Surya Gorski says:

    my god you guys are insane! im obsessed.

  10. Василий Третьяков says:

    russia cool!!

  11. George Atieh says:

    did i just see the best moonwalk in the world

  12. zore1234567 says:

    where can I found the tutorial for 3:06 to 3:10 ?

  13. Pascal Lehmann says:

    @zore1234567 online shuffle school

  14. 123HuggyBear says:

    @Himlagglol Micheal Jackson spin…….

  15. Makkzoid Trapzoid says:

    I think youre my new favourite shuffller! So much style! Russians are doin
    it with the shuffle scene! Subbed, 5* Держите качалки!

  16. mario martinez says:

    How lonqq have you’ve been shufflinqq!!??

  17. I find shuffling sexy ._.

  18. Умри.

  19. byebyefye says:

    my skill at 2:17 😀 hahaha woohooo xp

  20. DJCubeMaster says:

    1:42 very exhausting Speedodivo style 😀

  21. 張 維峻 says:

    But….the newest video is 2 years ago…

  22. KacakPacak says:

    malaysia style is rock yea..

  23. IzMVonSmith says:

    whats the song at 1:30? fuckin killer track

  24. Fabian C.R says:

    That is not malaysian (FYI)

  25. tynderdome says:

    молоток !!!!!!!!!!!!!!, а если в фетсах?

  26. This is fucking genius.


  28. fifoffjfufs says:

    This is awesome, nice moves!

  29. DaveTheUsual2 says:


  30. MoMo Shuffler says:

    @ShufflerBurst she’ll shuffle for her own passion and not copy one anothers
    styles mate -momo

  31. WWWWWWWWW says:

    Where was this filmed?

  32. zannimask says:

    Dangit! I wanted to do the same thing! Grr… Beat me to it.

  33. Rosie Lopez says:


  34. Your good Keep it up

  35. Great shuffling and a great setting

  36. Thank you for sharing your talent. It is great escapism to watch you dance.
    Keep living the dream……..

  37. Paul Mora says:

    the first song she shuffles to is epic. 🙂

  38. Omnidestrophic says:

    @ilovegracegale play him off keyboard cat!!!! the best shufflers create
    their own style and have their on style, keep it up 😀 ahaa love the
    attitude about that too.

  39. Ashley Cuesta says:

    where r u?

  40. btw r u on a ranch? it looks like it 😛 would be sexy if u took a cowboy
    hat on u 😀

  41. RYANcanada1 says:

    i love this. just so cool

  42. psychofrenzy822 says:

    Marry me 😀

  43. cuervomania74 says:

    this is just awesome! love the light, the music, your dancing, and the dust
    gives it a cool touch 🙂

  44. vohburst 'olivo' says:

    @momonthecrazy She can do as she wishes, I’m just laying down my input on
    this, everybody runs into criticism and judgement. It shouldn’t be a
    problem if she’s happy with herself as an individual.

  45. wolvesrunwild says:

    I have to say, that was pretty awesome. It was cool. I love your dancing.

  46. Svetoslav Dimitrov says:

    Where have you been all my life! I’m so inlove with you 😀 GREAT WORK!
    Greetings from Bulgaria 🙂

  47. Dalter Jumper says:

    love to dance <3 <3 i love you girl shuffler

  48. Sol Valdivia says:

    It wont play on my ipad…. D;

  49. So I’ve just finished watching some of your videos and you are hands down
    my favorite shuffler. I hope I can incorporate my own moves like I see you
    have. Keep up the stellar work.