Song list:Ur my fantasy Zombie Cisko Brothers - Guaglione 2008 - Alex Gaudino rmx
Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 Responses to “Overload (Hardstyle Shuffle)”

  1. newberific says:

    beast. all i got to say

  2. DJCalamity808 says:

    Bitchin. Even my kitteh thinks your amazung.

  3. ongne1234 says:

    this look like vietnam 0.0

  4. megamasher91 says:

    ur shuffle is so smooth

  5. @Firefoxpeep Haha XD Don t try this at home ^^
    thx for ur comment anyway.Check out my new vid ^^

  6. Firefoxpeep says:

    Dude your floor is spotless omg how can you shuffle in bare feet on wood floor, i tryed got friction burns :


  8. checkout my remix of the song “it´s a Dream” (ganjaguru), really good

  9. weemannesbitt says:

    hey love the house shuffle ant to bad eather lol na oj prety gd shffle respect

  10. thx a lot mate
    but please watch my newest vid
    hope u will enjoy those

  11. UR JESUS!!!!!!

  12. Name the first song?

  13. Phdization says:

    nice, he is cool =]

  14. marcus11200 says:

    hardtrance zombie is what the first one sounds like

  15. XHarderStylezX says:

    is that a problem, i think hes bette than you?.

  16. Nicejob

  17. lamptomte says:

    not your average shuffler.. but very nice man ;D

  18. lol, you are fat, but you doing it nice!

  19. arseshuffle101 says:

    yo check out my shuffle vid on my channel

    rate nd comment

    nice shuffling kyonick

  20. TetrisMaster512 says:

    Your floor must be slippery.

  21. iamsoundest says:


  22. itsPROPHECY says:


  23. MrCiPaN007 says:

    nice song……….nice vid………..nice dance

  24. fucking amazingg. one of the best ive seen 5/5

  25. aliveTerraN says:

    ure awesome! favorited!