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Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 Responses to “Review: iPod Nano 6th (2010) Generation”

  1. Amplifire0 says:

    well you’re retarded.

  2. wvmtndude says:

    @Amplifire0 *”you’re”, not “your” – The pot shouldn’t call the kettle black!

  3. Jackc095 says:

    shit freckles

  4. covergirlchilly says:


  5. FiReReDnInJa says:

    @AMVShippu lol ipod nano 5th gen suckz too thats why i got the ipod touch 4th gen 😉

  6. 800badboy says:

    @BreakingIDK enter my giveaway

  7. AMVShippu says:

    Im so happy i got the ipod 16gb 5th generation with camera. Good review

  8. Amplifire0 says:

    @Ashytonthetechy really… your retarded. there is no 32gb.

  9. guriko18 says:


    omg 5th gen nano cant take HD videos,only ipod touch 4 does

  10. thefuf99 says:

    i agree! its more of an expensive novelty. it would be cool with bluetooth for the music watch combo. i personally think the screen size should’ve been the same as the previous gen, w/o the click wheel that way you could still play video and play some dumbed down versions of iphone apps

  11. JasonVoorhees13th1 says:

    i wanna win

  12. krissbluebolt says:

    that would make no sense if they did dat cus wat if ur playin a game and u leave ur finger on the sdreen u just interupted ur game and no home button cmon that would suck i love dat little button without it blah

  13. BreakingIDK says:


  14. Ashytonthetechy says:

    i find it odd that theres 8gb, 16gb and 32gb, cuz why would you use that much on music, i think there will be an app store soon 🙂

  15. poxylicious14 says:

    6g- i love it…
    6g- want it…

  16. poxylicious14 says:

    i love it…
    want it…

  17. MrRod8888 says:

    nice video

  18. andychen1890 says:

    6g – this is like the best design for the nano! I would love to have one but my family is too poor. ):

  19. imcr4ck3d says:

    6g – boogie woogie

  20. SwagGuy15 says:

    6g – idk if i entered

  21. LightScribe1029 says:

    6G – I’d LOVE to win this! My little brother has never had an iPod and I’d love to win this for him because I don’t have the money to buy one. Anyways, good luck to everyone!!

  22. liladorable209 says:

    6g-hope i win

  23. 777louisdeal says:

    6G- just when you think apple has done it all they come out with this. great device ,and great review.

  24. redwingdog22 says:

    6G- great review!!!

  25. rarafa952 says:

    6G- love the desine