RHS Revolution Hard Style Shuffle. LORD Legend Of Revolution Dancer First, this video is make for my best friend and who i love =] My Best Friend At Shuffle Ever RHS Khui RHS Max RHS Dark Angle RHS Weird & Who i love~ i hope she know how much i love her. This is my first video for shuffle. i making this video for her. Thanks for watching.
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I know that I haven't uploaded any videos in the past few weeks but I've been busy. I've been teaching the melbourne shuffle, jumpstyle, and hardstep to some friends for our talent show act. SO, to make up for it, here is my first hardstyle mix. Don't forget to Comment, Rate & Subscribe for more Hardstyle, Dance, Hard Dance, Trance & Hard Trance Songs and mixes plus some melbourne shuffle. Part 2 WILL BE COMING SOON!! Songs Used: Andrew Spencer & The Vamprockerz - Zombie (Ray Knox Remix) Andy B Jones - In Motion (Arrowhead Remix) Program Used: Virtual DJ Thnx for viewing! xD

26 Responses to “RHS HeartBoy Shuffle”

  1. Heartboy1031 says:

    Cool! This can be my new HeartMonger Happy Dance! LOL ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. RhsHeArtBoy says:

    thanks Heng~


  3. HengHengxx says:

    Nice Video yahhhhhhhh ~

  4. RhsHeArtBoy says:

    Thanks B.S =]

    Song Name HardStyle-Remix
    if i dint forgot

  5. BassStompers says:

    wao nice vid man!! haha long time din go c u dance edi x) rhs rawks~ ftw~!


  6. this song name call?

  7. no la, KL, i noe that Kuatan a lot of RHS shuffler bcoz last time i go to Kuantan 4 a camp, i meet a shuffler,i saw his handphone a lot of RHS pic, i dunno he is RHS member or not.

  8. RhsHeArtBoy says:

    yea lo~

    u also?


  9. U from? Kuantan also?

  10. RhsHeArtBoy says:

    Yea ~ kuantan alot of RHS members.. xDD

    song name is Hardstyle-Remix

  11. wowow

    Revolution Hardstyle Shuffle if i not forget the full name of this crew?Kuantan a lot of RHS members.U play dota also rite?song name pls?

  12. RoXaSsecret23 says:

    wakao~nice shuffle man~xD!HAHA keep it up my goodteammate~xD
    RHS RaWkS~
    RHS MaX

  13. CHSunknown says:

    i wan u halp me edit my video

  14. CHSunknown says:

    so pro

  15. woo~~
    nice r~~

  16. CHSunknown says:

    cool ~ try more harder ~
    nice shuffle ~

  17. wow… cool man~
    nice yarr… gambeteh…^^

  18. RhsHeArtBoy says:

    so hunger than eat hamburger lo~
    my favourite~ hehex

  19. yo RHS! PRo DuDe! try harder! and make more videos pls! i am hunger for more!! yum! xD

  20. Jarell2101 says:

    Nice video
    Make it more nice
    LOL ^^

  21. RhsHeArtBoy says:

    yeah! u too khui

  22. nice shuffle yar ryan..
    keep rawkx..


  23. RhsHeArtBoy says:

    Ty o~ ^.^


  24. Nic Nic video yahx^^
    Gambateh !!

  25. TriniandVerde93 says:

    yeah I know. Thanks for the comment and the view! ๐Ÿ˜€

  26. Great mix, not really hardstyle, but that doesn’t matter for me, since that wasn’t what I was looking for. (I was looking for Andy B Jones – In Motion (Arrowhead Rmx)) … great mix though