everyonce in a while were downn for these vids . on tht fadedd shuffle :p still blasting krews y que putos x)

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6 Responses to “SBKame wid it!”

  1. musicaddict1992br says:

    dope shit you guys get down….its kool that you guys have your own style not like evryone doing that one step shit that they do -_-

  2. headbanger90047 says:

    we should battle were you guys stay at see if you can smash me and my homies

  3. highGlyder09 says:

    i only shuffle for like 2 seconds hahaha

  4. miababypprk says:

    & alex ur smile es adorabllle

  5. miababypprk says:

    i miss yew guys!!! <33333333

  6. VTACaliChrs says: