What happen when Shuffle meet Popping?? Which 1 better?? Location : Hall of Kem Sri Keluang, Terengganu, Malaysia Shuffle : Xiong (Red) Popping : Jayson Chong (Green) Tracklist : Cruz the White - Make it Faster

25 Responses to “Shuffle + Popping”

  1. TheGangster881 says:

    they are fucking nooobbbss to shuffle and others things

  2. TheLowrid3r says:


  3. The idea is so great!
    i love
    but need more a training

  4. Hell no that was NOT popping… that was just being ashamed of your body

  5. ItzAndiRoo says:

    idk wich ones betta coz ur both crap i shuffle nd i dnt pop but i bet i could do betta haha

  6. the kid who shuffles isnt bad but jesus christ the popping kid is like…. just walking around in a circle and touching himself….

  7. popping is the best…but the popper SUCKS like ass!

  8. lol,i am 12.i can win u guys in poping and shuffling.ur poping doesn’t even have feeling

  9. holy shit im only fucking 13 and i could smash u guyz anyday in shuffling lmfao FAIL

  10. TheFriendscat says:

    faluire both of u chiness bitchs cant dance ok maybe the shuffling guy could but the popper hahah come on

  11. this chong guy is only taping hit foot on the bas not shuffling not poping… he just walks like the bass is kicking.. what a noob..

  12. musicNEVERstop says:

    takes balls to post vids. Good job!

  13. hardstylelyon says:

    Sorry but both of the dancers in the video sucks. I’ve seen better poppers and shufflers.

  14. Ausserband says:

    not really good :/

  15. kribrigdefoo says:

    hmm y dont u check out new video??

  16. thePVPshow says:

    BAHAHAHAHAHA this shit is pure crap…. At least it can be classified as “Comedy.” bahahahaha!!!!

  17. Raziel8143 says:

    not good with popping 🙁

  18. hebatakaku says:

    lar..k0rang ke? dak f0rm 5 sekolah aku..hehehe..bu yao xiang ai

  19. arthurthethirdxxx says:

    your so right…

  20. haha…good…

  21. you guys are great! can’t wait for more vids..

  22. ChrisLovesPopping says:

    its a disgrace for popping…

  23. lienhung2006 says:

    that was awesome,i recomend you going on a show using the same routine

  24. good job guys..keep it up…hee hee i never knw that both of u knw how to dance..haa haa anyway looking forward to yr next clip ya..

  25. good