Click here to practice the easy shuffle steps I have shown you in my previous shuffle tutorials!Please Rate MY VIDEO and COMMENT and SUB SUB SUB ME!! Come ch...
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8 Responses to “Shuffle Practice Tutorials with Sensei Huffdaddy”

  1. MrNickjeh says:

    Nice hair man

  2. elitepwner55 says:

    DUDE you remind of that guy from land of the lost his name is danny mcbride

  3. LuckytheAsian says:

    Haha do you go to clubs and show those motherfuckers how to shuffle? haha

  4. HuffDaddyTV says:

    @victor7491 yeah man!! haha its all good thanks for the thought though!

  5. victor7491 says:

    holy crap man, liver diseases are dangerous! you’re gonna be ok, right?

  6. HuffDaddyTV says:

    @MiroTheKing ok i will try and put that in my next video!!!

  7. BBX SanMirguloz says:

    I can do the basics easily, my main problem is how to switch from running
    man to t-step and then back to running man 🙁

  8. Tayla Richards says:

    You’re precious!