need brains!
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Playing with my Strider and getting pwned by his warp cannon. Also some random clips. It's not a serious video, so just enjoy the show.

25 Responses to “shuffleshuffle”

  1. ekinothedragon says:

    my ears hurt now

  2. I LOL’d when he got in the car after he shot it and drove off, but he still got blasted! LOL 😀

  3. ShadowTake says:

    I fucking laughed out loud when the Zombie player was hitting the camera… then the cannon fucking blasted his ass back to hell.

  4. fakarful2 says:

    @SirColAmiX how can you make the enemies to do not shoot ya?i dont have that button.(they can shoot at others but not me)

  5. lpaudrey182 says:

    que jogo mórbido

  6. halo3recon343 says:

    strider AIMBOT!

  7. titioDApipoca says:

    nice video ,but how the strider has a zombie stucked in the leg?

  8. gamer33XD says:

    the striders cannon looks like a penis

  9. gamer33XD says:

    the strider cannon looks like a penis

  10. UggmunsStudios says:

    Anyone notice how the strider has a zombine impaled on his leg?

  11. alemanen98 says:


  12. could you please remember what the entity command is for the warp cannon??? plzzzzz

  13. doctormanhattan195 says:

    @Romaine33ify off steam but you need a source game with it

  14. Romaine33ify says:

    @romet747 how do you get that game

  15. Romaine33ify says:

    @romet747 how do you get that game

  16. jacobonix says:

    the only think that can kill a strider is a barnacle… and of course chuck norris at 2 years old

  17. Allahanna1 says:

    what’ca gotta do, man, is, like, get under it’s torso… thing, man. like, it can’t see you there and stuff.

  18. theleetworldbest says:

    lol:Dso funny how you tryd:Dbetter luck next time:D

  19. zombies with guns… were fucked,

  20. 0732526773 says:

    strider with walll and AIM :)))))))))))00

  21. how use the strider the cannon????

  22. tiagom135 says:

    strider=the ultimate enemy

  23. by god! not how long I laughed!
    was very funny!
    I hope you keep well friend

  24. TheBloodShotz says:

    1:13 wtf combine?

  25. ftw use nuke and fuk it xD