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Me in the a special shirt, just acting stupid and just having fun...

10 Responses to “Shuffling Zombies”

  1. caesarprods says:

    >_< How many times do I have to tell you. I'M NOT DREW. DREW IS MY FRIEND.

  2. Sortietheshuffler says:

    Hit me up ill show you how if you really want. lol.

  3. kazarrima says:

    Drew if you’re watching this, I’m in your closet

  4. Sortietheshuffler says:

    lol. wanna see shuffle? click my name, bro. Keep having fun!

  5. BluePBoxProductions says:

    I saw it. Therefore, i am awesome

  6. UnderRedAlert says:

    nice lol

  7. dfmaster89 says:


  8. caesarprods says:

    @UnderRedAlert Thanks! 🙂

  9. pokemonmaster51141 says:

    gavin its me sean. im sorry for what i said, your server is not stupid, i
    was just angry about the griefings to my house. i wont do it again. i wont
    grief anymore either again i was angry. please let me on the server,
    pleeaassee. my username is coolioscooter.

  10. MennyVlogs says:

    i have that shirt! i was doing something hilarious with it wen i was drunk
    lol i send it to u as a video response.