Fk it, Im sticking with WMM.

Shuffling in front of villa park haha Contact us at High Teck Kidz - RADIO - MICER - Kemic - Skipzz - Hype -
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24 Responses to “Sony Vegas Pro (Shuffle Video Test)”

  1. airXcss says:


  2. SosterTJ says:

    song ? D:

  3. androandro789 says:

    nice haircut

  4. xiiaopuii says:

    Swweeet :]

  5. blmikky says:

    thats hot brother 😉

  6. timeforthelolz says:

    haha dont give up!! sony vegas is easy shit!!

  7. name of song man!!
    sick shufflen bro


  8. JwaterziShred says:

    nice 🙂

  9. pigdog4u says:

    lol sexy bro, but is that old? rofl!

  10. DhaaKidHypes says:

    Your Homie Hypes Gotta Battle Fer the Name!!

  11. FanoSan says:

    @StaySmoove562 lmfao “Nooooswaggg!”

  12. obamainlbc says:

    whats both of the songs names

  13. StaySmoove562 says:

    no type off Swagg

  14. celisto001 says:

    They suck tako will kill them from team slide watch his solo just type in tako team slide i think it is the first one or type in tako shuffling.

  15. quarterdollarnipple says:

    stop adding gay ass jerking moves in shuffling nig

  16. nathanparson says:

    damn nice vid guys

  17. perkasm says:

    Only the back guy was started to get shuffle, the rest were cabagepatching.:|

  18. tgonz100 says:

    whats the song name on micer’s part in the video?? o. . . and by the wayy . . . H.T.K rulezzzzz!!!

  19. sickwititnan0 says:

    nicee.. i was witcha tha day.:D

  20. bighead211000 says:

    Hype, Micer, n Radio get down
    wats that name of that last song?

  21. chiconcuak says:

    Micer is Clean..
    Big upz To HTK.

  22. shufflefann562 says:

    Cleann af

  23. Skippzz562 says:

    hahaha. CLEEAAN!

  24. cleannn Video HTK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!