Me (Dean) Paris Vinnie and Evan having a shuffle battle. Thanks to Hard Trance for their song Zombie. This isn't the whole krew next vid coming soon.

Melbourne zombie walk!
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8 Responses to “SOS Krew Meet”

  1. Cherrygurl5419101 says:

    hehe.. youu look soo small xD

  2. money93man says:


  3. CharlieSkateco says:

    Omg lol!

  4. 1denob1 says:

    @DjayJohn Aye were gonna all shuffle in town for money as well lol.

  5. DjayJohn says:

    lol..good start…

  6. greekmb says:

    That was insane!

  7. freazeezy says:

    rofl brains

  8. that day was so much fun