SoulShufflers' Juggernaut and Shadow shuffling, ft D3v0stAte

5 Responses to “SS/ Juggernaut and Shadow ft. D3V0STATE”

  1. tysonfizzle1 says:

    best vid ;D

  2. xXD3VOsTaTeXx says:

    Madd lol on the escolator

  3. mrimpalaboy says:

    @xXxJuggernaut69xXx yer man ill do dat
    but its been up for like a couple of ours and its got 30 veiws thats still pre good

  4. xXxJuggernaut69xXx says:

    @mrimpalaboy thanks ;P do you think you could spread it round a bit? its got like no views 🙁

  5. mrimpalaboy says:

    Nice video man