My brother wanted the cred since I borrowed his computer to make the vid.. You better praise him xD. Tracks are In Flames - The quiet place and Kernkraft 400 (Janek Hardstyle Remix) - Zombie Nation. Check this vid and both songs 😉
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jus shuffling around pretty soft style but i wasn't really all that energetic lol the first song is the cranberries zombie andrew spencer remix , second is citizen members of gay day, and the third is dj chuckie let the bass kick
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45 Responses to “Swedish shuffle at Ica Maxi”

  1. TheMosess says:

    @janekproductionz haha you are right I see now. Your extended mix is not found at youtube anymore either. That’s sad I think you made a great job ^^ well this song is still up and running haha and in the description i’ve written that it’s your remix 😉

  2. janekproductionz says:

    @TheMosess nah man, no need to delete it.
    oh, is it still on youtube? both versions were removed because of copy write issues.
    yeah, I’m glad you enjoyed it and thanks for the feedback!

  3. TheMosess says:

    @janekproductionz haha yeah I can delete it if you find it inconvenient ^^. It sucks though that I can only find the extended version of your remix nowadays :O Enjoyed the old one more and a couple of persons have asked me where I got this song so I refered to you xD. Well it’s a matter of taste and I thank you for this awesome remix.

  4. janekproductionz says:

    pretty awsome that you used my remix version of kernkraft 400 tho..

  5. DorisOBettan says:

    ica maxi ftw !!,

  6. Whaaat!?
    ICA Maxi, så har dom City gross påsar? 0:55

  7. TheMosess says:

    @OonlyWms du kan se vilken nivå jag är på just nu för tillfället om du kollar


    bättre kamera också ^^

  8. TheMosess says:

    @OonlyWms haha det är nog både och, har övat mkt sedan dess, fixat mina handmoves så att de är synkade till benen bättre, lagt in ett par fina saker samt att jag inte shufflar framåt 100 meter varje gång 😉 Men vi kan väl träffas så kan du lära mig mer om du är duktig 😀

  9. antingen så e det kamran lr så e det du som du behöver träna ( EN DEL ! )

  10. @TheMosess haha, 😉

  11. TheMosess says:

    @molgir det gör vi!

  12. TheMosess says:

    @brajhaj man tackar 😉

  13. TheMosess says:

    @TrueSacredRahXephon Thanks! 😀

  14. TheMosess says:

    @singingslife tackar ^^

  15. singingslife says:

    niice 😀

  16. TrueSacredRahXephon says:


  17. niiice man!!!!! //viktor

  18. Vi kan ta om det där med några digitalkameror en vacker dag ;D

  19. @hyldran0 inte så många skulle jag tro, det var strax innan stängning xD

  20. SKIT NAAAJS xD hur mkt folkt tittate egentligen ???? xD // Timmie

  21. megakenrick says:

    You didn’t have the energy,so I understand if it’s not as good as your old 1 month vid. Still pretty smooth though,

  22. Do some kick outs and practice for Hardstyle!!!!!!

  23. stickers104 says:

    @MsHardstyle4life your awesome! im a girl shuffler from Australia 🙂

  24. 808HARDSTYLE says:

    i love lazy shuffle look ssoooo smooth

  25. HirokageAkatake says:

    So…you’re progressing well…I just hope you go harder…Gay Day is a hard should match your body to the music…I will admit it is extremely stamina consuming to rock hard for a while, but you get used to it.

    You’ll get better over time. Practice your arm movements and I noticed you are doing a little bit of a backwards running man, good to see. I look forward to the next video. By the way, if you are wondering where to buy Phats if you want them, ask. I know a great website

  26. boristheblade00 says:

    doin good, keep on shufflin and soon u will be like me

    (jk haha u will be better)

  27. ThePysiaq says:

    Very cool 😉 Plz, answer me, what is a name of 2nd song?? thx a lot

  28. thatisXRa1 says:

    for 2months, you shuffle pretty good 🙂

  29. LUSMelbourneMatt says:

    very very clean man keep up the guud work 🙂

  30. MsHardstyle4life says:

    @Colas613 haha glad to hear it and i checked out ur channle and u know whats bullshit when people think their hardcore gangsters and they act hard on youtube lol ya fuckin wannabe gangster

  31. what i think about this?? bullshit!

  32. Andrew Spencer & The Vamprockerz – Zombie (Ray Knox Remix)

  33. fritzboxwlan2 says:

    the first song is
    Zombie Hardtsyle remix i think ^^

  34. JumpStyle212 says:

    very good dude have a look at me oh and what is the 1st song called .. thanks…

  35. stickers104 says:

    What are the songs called?
    Awesome again 😀

  36. stickers104 says:

    Your amazing for 2 months 🙂
    Keep up the GREAT work 😀

  37. your pretty good


  38. kuroispedo says:

    noiiice (y)

    just lift your legs abit higher. if you want, come over to the b.e free lessons on sundays and i can help smoothen you out (y)

  39. @MsHardstyle4life Yea, you are right on the lazy shuffle part, i wasn’t really thinking when i wrote this, the shuffle is a dance and has the right to be interpreted by any way by the artist. But do you get what i mean with the energy thing? What i meant to say is that you don’t look very into it, which isn’t very fun to watch.

    yea I’m sorry, didn’t mean to rip on you like that. I would really like to see what you can do.

  40. kazukii147 says:

    better than me XD did u use a vid to help u learn???? can u send me a link im learning XD

  41. MsHardstyle4life says:

    well there could could be lol i geuss i could upload a new vid probebly in the next week or two thanks for the advice

  42. There is no such thing as a lazy shuffle, please upload another video where you are into it and you have a little more space. Also work on pumping your arms and throwing your head back. It will look a little better.

  43. Ghostly1231 says:

    Arm movements, Arm movements, Arm movements.
    Fairly decent footwork. You’re improving.

    There is no such thing as softstyle btw. Its just the shuffle.

  44. HardstyleMatt says:

    Very nice dude!

  45. MrFunnyXD says:

    dude for 2 months ur like the best ive seen o.o.. seriously, pretty PRO for only 2 months! keep it up! 5/5