sydney shuffle meetup 18th july 2009 sorry about the late upload lol thankfully we didnt get kicked out til the end lol 😛 SONG LIST: -Explosion (original mix) - Philipe Rochard & Max B Grand -Double Dutch Darkies (original mix) - TNT -The Cube (Hazardforze Remix) - Soul T & Pila -Schranz N Boys - Dark By Design -dj amplify - your soul. dj amplify - all i want -Hardstyle Sex - DJ ASA -Headhunterz - Scrap Attack (Endymion Remix) (Defqon One 2009 Anthem) -Zombie (ray knox Remix) - ????
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25 Responses to “sydney Shuffle meetup 18.7.09”

  1. bambelibu says:

    song at 5:15?? *_*^^

  2. premonitionOFFICIAL says:

    every shuffle meetup has that sick lil asian dude :O

  3. DontBeTweakin says:

    that looked like rockett bowing down to the guy in the red jacket. lol

  4. DrUnnameds says:

    whats them WHITE PANTS that guy is wearing at 3:25 and what SONG at 6:09

  5. myculabig says:

    5.12 was barley shuffling

  6. Where is this at

  7. maltaman1997 says:

    @MickStuntman ok kool. just keep me updated

  8. 321skully says:

    @maltaman1997 just had 1 on the 14th 😀 it was maad next one is on the 10th of july

  9. Mzhardstyle says:

    you uploaded it on my bday LOL.
    i love your vids michael

  10. maltaman1997 says:

    ok but were? and plz give me the right date?

  11. MickStuntman says:

    @maltaman1997 i think thers one on the 5th of june. its not guna be a big one thuogh like the sydney shuffle meetups. theres usually a sydney shuffle meetup every school holidays thuogh.

  12. maltaman1997 says:

    wenr u guyz having the next meeet up and were? plz respond and give me a date

  13. hey MickStuntman do u know dude named lil vflow (van) hes a hell gwd shuffler

  14. SmartHardstyle says:

    next time i come im bringingg a gun coz ima get all of your clothingg haha jks ur are all pro shufflers!

  15. SmartHardstyle says:

    Sydeny Shuffle Meetup 17.4.2010 <3

  16. TetrisMaster512 says:

    The last song is Mad World, not Zombie. 😉

  17. h4rd5tyl3mu7hyn72 says:

    5:15 dosen’t look like shuffling but still pretty kool

  18. melbfreezza says:

    sound of 4:30

  19. when is tha next meet up??

  20. SmartHardstyle says:

    i watch this all fucking day

  21. ExplodingYak says:

    the last song isnt -Zombie (ray knox Remix) – ????
    tell me what it is and you get 2 subs

  22. ExplodingYak says:

    Shuffle = best thing ever, gabber = gay

  23. FrostBeam009 says:


  24. PandasaurFTW says:

    i Spy sonic. !

  25. its awesome 😀