Edited footage of the Sydney Zombie March, 25th February 2012. Audio Track is a song is called "Totalitaria", by artist Nick Thayer, from the EP "Like Boom"....

21 Responses to “Sydney Zombie March 2012 – The walking dead”

  1. Lee Pellymounter says:

    Every year around the world you get zombie walks. This one was last year in
    Sydney. I would so love to do this. 

  2. Carlo Fornasari says:

    @jaydendavids Song is called “Totalitaria”, by artist Nick Thayer, from the
    EP “Like Boom”

  3. Jhao1992carvalho says:

    Ai q bosta

  4. melimeeee says:

    Thanks for filming! Came out really good!

  5. Christopher Somxanxay says:

    Oh yeah, zombies eating EACH OTHER

  6. i day where people can walk the streets with their herpes flaring up and
    not get judged or it! xD

  7. Carlo Fornasari says:

    @jaydendavids Song is called “Totalitaria”, by artist Nick Thayer, from
    the EP “Like Boom”

  8. Lisa Ann Maire says:

    hehe i’m in this 😉

  9. Mindcrafted says:

    Theres always no one dressed as Pyramid Head (Silent Hill) :/

  10. ilovefluffysheep says:

    this is brilliant~! thanks for shooting on the day! 😀

  11. Wish I was back in Australia, zombie mobs rock….

  12. marshiexx says:

    So awesome, nice work!!!

  13. katey butler says:

    its funny how some of these people would actually pass off of being zombies

  14. Varg Vikernes says:

    Would it not make more sense to use Zombies, March! by GWAR

  15. The Ender Wraith says:

    I’m Aussie But if have to say America’s Zombie Walks/Marches are better
    cause they have Air-soft guns which means people could be marines or
    survivors :S

  16. Nicely done.

  17. Hentai Blaster says:

    nice song… who made it?

  18. theultimategeass says:

    This video is fantastic!! Was such a fun day and you really captured it
    well 😀

  19. invalidsnowman says:

    Dedication for film right there, stood there and watched the whole crowd go
    past. Kudos.

  20. nice dubstep 😀

  21. Joe Hallam says:

    Typical, reprobate, mindless behaviour of people with NWO sheep mentality.
    They should take a look at Syria on youtube if they want to satisfy their
    moronic blood lust…but usually these kind of fools don’t cope well with
    reality or truth.