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25 Responses to “The Basement Halloween”

  1. sexytrish2 says:

    more carry me, carrie!

  2. OctoberRoad says:

    This episode was shot on a basic Sony Handycam (DCR-HC36).

  3. singer3188 says:

    what kind of camera do you guys use?

  4. done7for says:

    It was great!!

  5. MGu3Rra says:

    haha French Fries Reprise.. XD

  6. dis0guise says:

    Lots of good stuff here. I still like the last sketch (saw it first, separately, posted as “Carry Me, Carrie”) best: Amanda does a great job of switching accents and expressions that really makes it plausible — and what an unusually lovely face she has! “Whiny Juice Box”: the best line; the iPod sketch: great simple tongue-in-cheek horror.

  7. RandomnessAzn says:

    When i die i want to be like Jack…LOL That was the best, i love the ipod sketch 2. Keep on with the good work guys.

  8. *Stabs Shane* “Well Done! WELL DONE!”

    “im confined within these walls BLUHBLUHBLUH Blablabla!!” so reminded me of Trey Parker talk xD

  9. Cool. thought the vampire was funny as hell. also the Ipod sketch. “Hello..I am your ipod.” “That is Awesome!” XD

  10. barraz2003 says:

    The last three minutes of this had me laughing nonstop. Great work, as always.

  11. elizard says:


  12. ten4prod says:

    lol..whiney juice box…LOVED IT GUYS!!
    Looks like alot of work went into making that. Well Done!!
    i found you guys thru Paperlilies…i thank her for that.
    so glad i subscribed.

  13. Crozas2k7 says:

    hello lving ya videos plz watch mine and tell me wat you think. BUT BE WARNED THEY ARE EXTREMLY RANDOM!!! lol but not rude in any way.

  14. whotooktobywashere says:

    Yeah, I saw that zombie rendition of French-Fries and Toast at the end!

  15. DTMTroy says:

    thanks you guys rule keep up the great work french fries and toast is the greatest song ever

  16. OctoberRoad says:

    Shane and Kent have personal channels:

    Shane’s: shaneunplugged
    Kent’s: deskofkent

  17. DTMTroy says:

    last video to watch and watched them all in one night first time you guys got anymore under maybe another name ya’s are funny as hell

  18. OctoberRoad says:

    If we get the hat trick, it’s gonna be all your fault. haha

  19. cinemastah says:

    featured featured featured featured

    sorry i like saying naughty words 😀

  20. OctoberRoad says:

    Please don’t use the “F” word around here. haha

  21. cinemastah says:

    why doesn’t this vid have more views?
    it’s one of the best ones on youtube!
    it needs to be featured :]

  22. OctoberRoad says:

    Jack always wins, my friend. Always.

  23. TehShonz says:

    still making the best vids on youtube fellas. if it wasnt illegal and i wasn’t straight well i’d, hell i’d, well you know….buy you a beer?

  24. distorteddogma says:

    I’m sorry, Jack the ghost wins. I love that bit.

    Be Well.

  25. Fraunk1 says:

    The concept for “Carry Me, Carrie” is hilarious. Has the feel of something you would have seen on TGIF back in the day when they were running all those cheesy shows like Sabrina and Teen Angel. Nice work!