The kings are dead- long live the kings! With the remains of our dearly beloved Pharmacy cast into the fires of oblivion all but one short year ago, Dr Frankenstein and his friendly goon squad from Pharmacy HQ have reanimated the iron beast for a final pervy peepshow extraordinaire! Gaze through the looking glass and join us as we descend forever down the spiral as the Pharmacy zombie sex gang examine the remains of the once great Pharmacy empire of dirt! This 'much ado about nothing' celebration of the Pharmacy legacy has been rumoured in hushed tones and thought by many to be the greatest fairytale ever told (much like Jesus and global warming). The greatest snuff film ever produced is FINALLY in the can! Containing more video nasties and depraved indecency than you can shake you disco stick at- The 'Pharmacy: End Of An Era' DVD is ready for mass consumption! True to Pharmacy's eternal legacy this DVD features a cast of thousands- all of the biggest and baddest Pharmacy favourites covering the full continuum of the harder styles to kings of 'hands in the air' trance. Whether you love it hard and fast or slow and tender- Pharmacy is a lover like no other! Appearances from: Yoji, Scot Project, Proteus, Kutski, Sean Tyas, Push, Marcus Schossow, Leeroy Thornhill (The Prodigy) and many many many more. 'End Of An Era' will win NO Oscars- it is not the story of a gay retarded football player from a small third world nation who overcomes brain parasites only to conduct the new ...

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26 Responses to “The Pharmacy End of an era DVD Trailer [Melbourne Shuffler]”

  1. Gosh!! This is fuckin awesome!! damnnnn lol

  2. giovanni565 says:

    fucking epic n hot chicks 2

  3. SniperWolf69oc says:

    imagine that sorta lineup in one night. scot project. yoji. gaz west. kutski. proteus. fffffffffffffffffffffffffuck duuude. that might must have been huge.

  4. kasperfl1p says:

    @iperez30 track is Ultra Shock – The Sound Of E

    tracklist for everyones reference:
    Ultra Shock – The Sound Of E
    Kamui – Electro Slut
    Hennes & Cold – Second Trip (DJ Scot Project Remix)
    A*S*Y*S – No More Fucking Rock N Roll

    last 2 are only short samples, don’t really get played properly

  5. ravelikespastic says:

    I hope I’m on this, Love that fellow approaching the police, they’re here for a good time bless their hearts<3

  6. iperez30 says:

    @BryceyBryce Many thanks friend!!! What about the song @ 1:00 – 1:11, many thanks…

  7. BryceyBryce says:

    @iperez30 well that track from about 1:11 – 1:27 is kamui -electro slut

  8. iperez30 says:

    Name of the song please!

  9. animeDDR69 says:

    Fuk Yea 2 Pharmacy n to every1 whos ever been 2 it XD

  10. tranc3adikt says:


  11. johnnymani says:

    can’t fucking wait…… been waiting for YEARS ALREADY!!!!

  12. jtoshie says:

    Cant wait for this release!! Bring back Scot Project ASAFP!!!!

  13. originalsuju says:


  14. ravebunii says:

    Im so F N excited LOL

  15. angeldgetsdown says:

    @TheBadfame ME 2 !

  16. NemanjaS94 says:


  17. Tickboom321 says:

    very nice!! 😀
    but I can’t find the first track 🙁

  18. llxPsYcHoxll says:

    @TheBadfame Thank you! lol

  19. TheBadfame says:

    Finally i found a good mix ,i went through 20 house mix videos and im glad i found this one 😉

  20. alphabreezer says:

    it’s perfect.

  21. llxPsYcHoxll says:

    @sargos777 ?

  22. sargos777 says:


  23. llxPsYcHoxll says:

    @pbgio15 Thanks its really means alot! 😀

  24. really nice, i really like it

  25. llxPsYcHoxll says:

    @bananskalet1 Thanks ;D

  26. bananskalet1 says:

    nice, subbed!