ok folks, i uploaded this once before and got mixed reviews. the good reviews said kind things. the bad reviews said it looked campy like it was shot on a ce...
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4 Responses to “the zombie shuffle by josh kramer of saint”

  1. Marcus Thorn says:

    lolz!  I Love it!

  2. I like it Josh, cool song and cool video. In a way some of the song reminds me of The Ripper. Some of it has the same vocal inflections and that’s cool. Hope to hear more music from you in the future even if it’s not with Saint.

  3. Howard Kaemerer says:

    Welcome zombies. I invite you to comment.  Have a morbid day.

  4. Tommy Wales says:

    dude, this rocks. good message. incredibly tight blues guitar riffs. luv the metal boots. say no to drugs. say ‘yes’ ..to Jesus.