Thriller Rehearsal #1 Review The choreography is as follows: * eight-count shuffle step, start right foot * eight-count shuffle step, head snap to the right on the 1 and 5 * face left, eight count side step and close, left arm front right arm back, look right on step and forward on close * eight count side step and close, arm swim, switch sides on the 5 * the last eight (+2) count is complicated and goes like this: 1 - back foot, front foot 2 - snap head back 3 - back foot, front foot 4 - snap head forward 5 - swing body around 6 - snap to front 7 - wind-up 8 - spank 1 - wind-up 2 - spank

[Jimi] is in your Head.
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  1. jizzleh2 says:

    @TheTwizt3r thanks, vegas pro 8

  2. TheTwizt3r says:

    wht did you use to edit bro! nice shuffle!

  3. atalhosss says:

    muiito bom fera danca muiito bein viu parabens

  4. jizzleh2 says:


  5. manuel76046 says:

    that movement of your hand in o:47 to 0:57 is graet man it looks original and cool goo for that keep on practicing

  6. JoeMiozza says:

    Wow. I can club-bop. Does that count? Hahaha!!!
    Great moves. You’d fit in out here.

  7. jizzleh2 says:

    thanks again. lol

  8. LUSMelbourneMatt says:

    your slide was pretty sick man props to that as well XD

  9. jizzleh2 says:


  10. LUSMelbourneMatt says:

    nice man good job

  11. jizzleh2 says:

    hello, thanks, the song is Zombie- Andrew Spencer

  12. AlteWurstHaut says:

    good shuffle 🙂 whats the song?

  13. jizzleh2 says:

    hello, thanks for the comment.

  14. good shuffle and good song