PLEASE READ BEFORE COMMENTING: At the start of the duel, the reason I chose scissors instead of rock was to foil my opponents paper. I saw this as a threat because paper is clearly the strongest of the three. Duel: TokyoCandlelight vs mirinsan Song: The Fine Every Day Artist: Kicco I realised the potential of Magical Merchant a while back, when I first used it in a Power Bond Cyber OTK. I'd include 3 Magical Merchants and build the deck very monster heavy to increase the chance I'd mill 1 of 3 Cyber Dragons into the grave and add Overload Fusion to my hand via Merchant's effect. I also used 3 Monster Reincarnations to fetch the milled Cyber Dragons and Power Bond them together to (in most cases) win immediately. Back then it was impossible to make a deck like this, because cards like Jinzo Returner and Wulf didn't exist. Now that they do, I couldn't resist trying this deck out 🙂 My edit fits in as many cards that activate in the grave as possible. Necro Gardnas don't really have a place in the deck, seeing as when the flood hits my opponent usually resorts to destruction rather than battle, but better to mill something that might save my life rather than a card that does nothing in the grave. I'm also using Lightsworn in my deck along with Herald Of Creation to resurrect Judgement Dragon to be summoned after the mill. However summoning him is only possible if I open with either JD or Herald, because after I mill I have no other way to get them back. I chose Zombie ...
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me shufflin durring easter the pary was fun n so was church
Video Rating: 5 / 5

25 Responses to “Tokyo Merchant 2009 vs Skill Drain”

  1. Dannyblue11 says:

    what game are youplaying

  2. Rawbobobot says:

    Lazy programmers ftw. Wulf shouldn’t be summoned by MM.

  3. TheMoonDark1 says:

    lol very cool !!)

  4. TokyoCandlelight says:

    As expected it’s heavily dependant on Magical Merchant, then on the opponent attacking it. If these circumstances are met you’re pretty much guarunteed victory, considering your opponent has already summoned, attacked and their trap cards are now cut off 😛 I included a few draw monsters to increase the chance of pulling the move off but it’s not certain 🙂

  5. JDude006 says:

    In any case, it looks like a really fun deck. I should try it out myself since I have a good portion of the cards for it. How consistent has it been?

  6. TokyoCandlelight says:

    As for Lightning Vortex, I beg for it to be honest ^^ If I were to be Vortexed in this scenario, I could have used Zombie Master to summon the 2 in my grave, discarding Mezuki and Marron to survive another turn, and re-swarm the Zombies again with the 2nd Mezuki should I be Vortexed a 2nd time ^^’ Sometimes I really hate the 5 monster per field limit 🙂

  7. TokyoCandlelight says:

    Well because Royal Oppression (or any trap for that matter) cannot be activated during damage calculation (which is when Magical Merchant activates), unless they knew the face down monster they were attacking was Merchant, it’d be too late to do anything about it with Oppression (similar to how you can’t Torrential Tribute a monster summoned by Mystic Tomato etc).

  8. JDude006 says:

    Wow, never noticed that it says your end phase. Funny how people end up overlooking things like that. That’s pretty awesome. I guess just watch out if your opponent has Royal Oppression or Lightning Vortex when you mill a bunch of monsters.

  9. TokyoCandlelight says:

    Jinzo Returner sends them to the grave at the end of MY next turn 🙂

  10. JDude006 says:

    Shouldn’t have your Jinzos went to the grave in the end phase of your opponent’s turn?

  11. SARGON439 says:

    hey i know this is a little late to say, but i think ive got a few gokipon i dont need, he is in the pack with raviel on the front, i also came to say hi 🙂

  12. TokyoCandlelight says:

    I wonder why people wont trade me it then? X(( Howling Insect isn’t much use if I can’t get Gokipon lol!!! Looks like I’m destined to suffer with Mystic Tomato + Sangan to search em out :'(

  13. dacupcakekid says:

    I am pretty sure Gokipon is in the game… try howling insect. it is to search for gokipon =P

  14. TokyoCandlelight says:

    Yeah unfortunately Plaguespreader doesn’t exist yet ^^’

    Funny you mention Gokipon, because I spent a good few hours shouting for it in the lobby beforehand, and either it doesn’t exist, or it’s part of a set that no-one wants to trade from X) When I DO get some however, they’ll be marching in by 3’s in a heartbeat 😉 Good eye to notice I was missing those by the way =)

  15. SummDuDe2o9 says:

    nvm i thought there was synchros on here, well try gokipon it can search out merchant faster, but im sure if its on there

  16. SummDuDe2o9 says:

    try plaguespreader zombie… hmm probably wont work

  17. SARGON439 says:

    nice deck 🙂

  18. awhiteg says:

    @PapaCh1ef make one soon or did u quit lol

  19. PapaCh1ef says:

    @awhiteg idk man, idk

  20. @PapaCh1ef thanks man when u makin another vid

  21. PapaCh1ef says:

    gj bro 🙂

  22. @sese666 thanks man

  23. sese666 says:

    pretty good bro,, keep practicing 5/5


  24. awhiteg says:

    @whatrubuyinstranger7 ya thanks bro

  25. whatrubuyinstranger7 says:

    ur doin better thats for sure just work on ur form. maybe take it slower for a while to get the muscle memory. keep it up.