still learning, been practicing. this is just a hobbie. i have no editing programs so looks all crappy. looking forward of getting better i just need more practice. plz dont post any rude commments on how bad i am cuz i know im not that good or even close to other ppl on here. but plz feel free to leave tips on helping me to get better. Thanx for watching :] tony trag!k

6 Responses to “tonys practice shuffle”

  1. @tastethesorrow6 Yes I Know I Am But I Was Serious…Lol (:

  2. tastethesorrow6 says:

    @MrsMora69 lol yer funny

  3. Hmm…
    Ahh Id Fuk Tony Fosho(;
    Aha Oh Yea Already Diiid Niggaaaa!
    Pretty Gooodd

    IFLY Tonybutt!(;
    Id Tap That Shit Hard Hahah

  4. tastethesorrow6 says:

    hey thanx :]

  5. alwaysint0xicated says:

    you’re reallllllllly good (:

  6. tastethesorrow6 says:

    as u can tell i was getting tired toward the end
    i havnt been shuffling for long :]