Song List: 10. Zombie - Andrew Spencer 9. More & More - Hixxy 8. Rise Again - Lost Witness 7. Tricky Disco - Discotronic 6. Cutting Deep - Darren Styles 5. Sweetheart - Rezonance Q 4. Hold Me Tonight - Re-Con 3. Hands Of Time - Lou Lou 2. Come Running - Darren Styles 1. Time Comes - SY & Unknown(Hixxy Rmx) Wooo 17K Views LOL.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 Responses to “Top 10 Dance/Techno/Rave Songs”

  1. this is happy hardcore, pretty awesome

  2. no.10 is a really good song but it sounds shit in techno version?

  3. zgeneralz says:

    #9 (More and More) is actually titled Time for Dance

  4. gomesdennis says:

    Cutting deep is my favoriet

  5. who did the version of darren style come running?

  6. xx7shadow7xx says:

    All of these songs are amazing! Great picking =)

  7. eaglewarrior82 says:

    this isnt rave

  8. metelrose says:

    good music but i like the hardcore songs these songs are more of a smooth roll

  9. kookiemonster999 says:

    best shuffle songs ever

  10. killakoshila says:

    You are so my type of guy you like the songs I do which is really cool

  11. dylangotsole says:

    where can i get these songs?

  12. xavierx93 says:

    u got a good list here

  13. @kevinccc1 rave isnt a style of music, rave is what you go to to listen to music, most of this is house, drum and bass, techno, and happy hard core

  14. phillwalda says:


  15. kevinccc1 says:

    most of this wasnt rave but good songs all the same

  16. RAVE! 🙂

  17. AdrixPoprock says:

    happy hardcore is the shit 🙂
    well to me ppl who are hardcorestyle please dont kill me ok lol (:

  18. Darren Styles is the shit

  19. kevinsingasong says:

    NIGGAROSIOUS FO LIFE SON!! fuck this hardstyle or hardcore or rave shit its all about the jerk song son or brennan heart or some clubbing shit

  20. Corsair259 says:


  21. TheAmnesys says:

    Fuck all this happy shit listen to some Hardcore or terrorcore Hardcore Holland is the best and fuck this happy shit Master of hardcore love it .happy rave crap HA that sucks HARDCORE 4 LIFE

  22. I can’t find number 5 >.>
    Can anyone help me?

  23. darkshadow332211 says:

    😛 awsome

  24. ziggszaggs says:

    all of them

  25. dragonforceisnumber1 says:

    favourite with the u there is how you spell it in canada and im pretty sure the UK