this is in my opinion the top 10 hardstyle songs for 2010... rate comment subscribe. and does anyone want download links 4 these songs? songlist: 10: Widowmaker by Dj Zany 9: Atlantis Attack by Brainkicker vs Hardstatic 8: Zombie Nation (Hardstyle Mafia Remix) 7: Ghost by Hardstyle Mafia 6: Faces of Creation by Noisecontrollers 5: Attack Again by Noisecontrollers 4: Logic by Noisecontrollers 3: One Life by Abyss and Judge 2: Save me by Hardstyle Mafia 1: Face the Enemy by Brennan Heart

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  1. jaredeldin123 says:

    @Praedy oh my bad lol soz this vids a bit old ill be making a 2011 one start of next year 😀

  2. @jaredeldin123 ’10 is short for 2010…

  3. jaredeldin123 says:

    @Praedy there is 10 songs???

  4. was expecting ’10 songs but oh well, still good mix of songs.

  5. tgierbiger says:

    I like this song!!

  6. SalvadorPalacios8 says:


  7. Facundjto2010 says:

    really good songs (Y)

    best wishes from Argentina ! 😀

  8. Facundjto2010 says:

    really good songs (Y)

    best wishes from Argentina ! 😀

  9. DJRyderProductions says:

    Oh Nice.

  10. jaredeldin123 says:

    @DJRyderProductions final cut pro

  11. DJRyderProductions says:

    whats fcp?

  12. jaredeldin123 says:

    @DJRyderProductions hey cool vid bt my vid was make in fcp

  13. DJRyderProductions says:

    /watch?v=YSrbljir0Ss My Vid also made in Vegas 🙂

  14. BBbuDieS141569 says:

    nice songs!! uv got taste in muzik! lol

  15. Hardstylerzable says:

    really nice! 🙂

  16. hardstyle forever from holland 😀 great songs thanks for this subbed

  17. xxAwsumDuoxx says:

    Kool songs jared XD 5*

  18. ForShuffle says:

    These songs are great!!! thanks 😛 *5/5 HARDSTYLE FOR EVER!!! (Lithuania)

  19. wraggy626 says:

    awesome songs jared

  20. jaredeldin123 says:

    oops my bad

  21. HardStyleMachine2009 says:

    6: Faces of Creation by Noisecontrollers