No one has uploaded this song so i decided to share it with you guys. This song will be impossible to find. If you guys want this song send me your email and ill send this badass hardstyle beat to you.. Enjoy 🙂 (PS- This song is made by Miss Kitty, not Trance Generators)
Video Rating: 4 / 5

5 Responses to “Trance Generators – Do You Like Bass”

  1. trinitrotoluol81 says:

    this track should to be renamed!

  2. TechnoExtrem says:

    i guess this is not Trance Generators, i have the same track but its called “Miss Kitty vs. Mystery – Partypeople. Its here on youtube (not my track)

  3. itzchrisssxd says:

    @declanm1053 i tried but i couldnt get it any better. im still trying my best to make it better.

  4. declanm1053 says:

    good song but any chance of getting it better quality lad?

  5. WATAFUCK2008 says:

    this shit sounds so bomb loud!!!