Edited by David Brudie. This is a music video completely about Zombies! Over 20 films comprise the clips that were used. WARNING: THIS VIDEO IS EXTREMELY VIO...
Video Rating: 5 / 5

It's the end of the line for EvilViking13, Dr. J and Wilson. In this "survivor diary" series I will be chronicling my journey across the Eastern European cou...
Video Rating: 4 / 5

32 Responses to “Ultra Zombie – Music Video ~ Edited by Dave Brudie”

  1. Bill Cassinelli says:

    Awesome job, Dave!

  2. tenebraerick says:


  3. Love to see your work.. Keep it up!!!!

  4. liquidpig says:

    Now THAT was awesome.

  5. KnuckleMug says:

    Thank you!!!!… Please visit youtube.com/user/barbicollege For more of my
    editing work… ~ Piece ~

  6. AngieAndThe CarWrecks says:

    Ultra Gnarley!

  7. zombobble says:

    That was incredible!!

  8. gypsykingriseing says:

    what was the pont in the shaud

  9. krambustillo96 says:


  10. MegaGmasta says:

    you guys should have got a car, you are practicaly invincable in one, tho
    with more than 2 people, i prefer a bus or an army car. just gather oil,
    wheals, a window, and maby an engine 😛

  11. NoiseKidd says:

    At least do this series again at some point. This is probably one of the
    best DayZ series I’ve seen so far.

  12. if you hadnt run into that shed youd still be alive

  13. Aberratious Viking says:

    Actually, people say eachother noobs in real life where I live…

  14. Lovinatorka says:

    yea run into the lil shed with 20+ zeds on you instead od the big briick
    house you moron

  15. CmdrEpicPhail says:

    Gotta say I enjoyed this series alot. I have been playing solo and trying
    to avoid all contact human and zombie a like. It adds a tense atmosphere to
    the game.

  16. those glitching whores!!!!!

  17. Music is from the fallout series 🙂

  18. DDayPlus3 says:

    Epic. Makes me sad I only have a PS3.

  19. TheMatthewH7 says:

    Same as below, you guys are awesome 🙂 love that you’re not player killers

  20. This is exactly the kind of scenario that makes this game good.

  21. XDaASSassainxX says:

    U sir have earned a subscriber 🙂 love ur vids bro keep it up

  22. TheGoldenkiller10 says:

    Please make More Viedios :{

  23. One of the nubiest too

  24. AGREED with mryahtze

  25. 7:18 ….. orange building, orange building, ORANGE BUILDING!!

  26. Hupi Veikko says:

    I love this <3

  27. AnalogSetGaming says:

    That is exactly why I won’t pick up the Lee “dinner bell” Enfield lol did
    the same thing in elektro except I barely managed to escape after finding
    an akm

  28. SniPrsGeTMoHeD says:

    Snipe noobs with the m107 <3

  29. MHSstoners4life says:

    i actually cried at the end

  30. FuZexCentral says:

    You should definantly make more.

  31. Survival would be so much easier if Zombies would glitch through the

  32. Epic…