*USH is the new face of ISNZ* Urban Shuffling Hazards are a small group of shufflers located in Christchurch who take a sip of their Rockstar Energy Drink and bring the Hardstyle Shuffle! ~*~ Members ~*~ Rubikz Cameron Ultima Mike ShortMilk Braydon ~*~ Music ~*~ Patrick Bunton Young Birds The Cranberries Zombie (Red Matrix remix) Megara vs Dj Lee Human Nature Please Rate, Comment and Subscribe!!!
Video Rating: 3 / 5

6 Responses to “USH – Urban Shuffling Hazards”

  1. HExAssault says:

    LOL! Urban Shuffling Hazard now have stoped shuffling. xD Rubikz and Ultima have gone to WoW ( World of warcraft ) R.I.P xD

  2. TheThejarhead101 says:

    the 1st person was at palms or riccarton mall aye 😉

  3. IHackCo says:

    Whoo Go me. Lol jj. I’m there’s only 1 vid of me. STUPID MUCH. Lol anyway Yea. 🙂

  4. ISNZshufflez says:

    nice video mike i like your rockstar

  5. jasonkmills says:

    almost died…..

  6. fritz1134 says:

    i reckn the best shuffle was on 1:45