EXPAND FOR COOL STUFF!** DAY 302: Victoria Market, Spanish donuts and some zombiefication! Awesome channel: http://youtube.com/tannah Second channel: http:...
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21 Responses to “VICTORIA MARKET & SOME ZOMBIE ACTION! [29.10.11 – DAY 302]”

  1. Tara McMahon says:

    you make a good zombie, i was so excited for the shuffle but i was so sick
    i couldnt even eat! 🙁 btw, that ending was sick!

  2. @JezzaHeart My sister has some skills. 🙂

  3. JanaINJax . says:

    You can eat a Kangaroo? WIN!!!

  4. @johnbon1985 Braiinnss….

  5. @JanaINJax Hell yeah you can.

  6. @tommybrisbane2011 Women, geez. 😛

  7. Victoria market brought back some memories from my trip to Melbourne 22
    years ago. Your Mum got it right! We have 9 cushions on our sofa, a combo
    of apple green and purple. Looks better than it sounds 🙂

  8. Summer Fabulous says:

    @tannahtv I wish!.. unfortunately they just inhabit the other side of my
    queen size bed… Wonk’s takes up very little room and he’s got his own
    pillow… so they basically take up the whole other side of the bed lol..

  9. @cindyreddeer Braiiiinnnsss….

  10. @MegaMoochie1 I wish we did do Halloween on a large scale, it is so much
    fun. :

  11. @SummerOreosGirl And all the pillows end up on the floor every night I bet!

  12. Summer Fabulous says:

    OMG… i have about 15 pillows on my bed.. YIKES! thanks for the end bit
    there.. will totally have nightmares for sure.. OH WAIT.. i don’t sleep.. 😛

  13. @Marste72 Too many cushions! 😛

  14. JezzaHeart says:

    Love the makeup 🙂

  15. @kareng39 Braaiiinnnnss…

  16. Woohoo Zombies. Zombies rule. We have a Zombie shuffle here too. People go
    all out. Remember shot to the head means zombie is dead. Love the ending.
    Looking forward to the finished Tannah zombie.

  17. MegaMoochie1 says:

    The makeup’s looking good! Too bad you don’t celebrate Halloween there,
    it’s a pretty big deal over here, and generally, it’s a blast! Peace, mate

  18. ZPHOENIX27 says:

    That chocolate & Spanish Donuts looked very tasty. How many pillows does
    your mom and sister have on their beds?

  19. Coffeeandasliceolife says:

    Liked the effect at the end. Cool makeup. Glad u got yr sausage 😉

  20. cindyreddeer says:

    Your zombie makeup is going to be awesome and that was an epic ending if I
    ever saw one. =)

  21. @Coffeeandasliceolife Sausage sizzle is the best part of every Bunnings
    trip. It is mandatory!