During my studies in Melbourne, I've encountered various interesting festivals but none more interesting than this. Every year, the Melbourne Zombie Shuffle ...

Short documentary covering the 2010 Melbourne Zombie Shuffle. Written and directed by Caitlin Koller and Lachlan Smith. Special thanks to Saint Vitus and Rod...
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20 Responses to “Video & Motion GFX – Melbourne Zombie Shuffle 2011”

  1. this is great – thankyou! Quick question (sorry if it has been answered & i missed it) but what is the music playing? x

  2. Nicole Butler says:

    Hey Ryan,
    I’m an organiser of the Melbourne Zombie Shuffle and I’d really like to use this video on our webpage for 2012. If you could reply to this post, we can take it further. Cheers

  3. MISSToToRo1 says:

    1:47 cute

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  5. Awesome as mate, well done, I saw me, I was the Umbrella Corp Soldier 😀

  6. alisonartist says:

    awesome!!!! well done!

  7. Awesome! Thanks dude!

  8. Cheers mate! Thanks for that! The event was too inspiring to let it be a half-assed edit!

  9. totally worth it man!

  10. BangBangYudhoyono says:

    Thanks man, yeah, shit got emotional. Glad someone got that, lulz. The costumes were a heap of work.

  11. BAHahahahah! Big fan of your costume dude, and nice makin out eh?

  12. BangBangYudhoyono says:

    Bwahahahha! Brown Lego Man here, this vid is boss!

  13. This is too good! Seriously impressed!

  14. ShadowDwellerXXX says:

    dude, that red haired chick at :34 looks like Emilie Autumn XDD

  15. Rockin’ footage! Nice work!

  16. Thanks mate! I really wished I had walked around more though! Such a crazy turn out, and by crazy I mean like the deadly seriously kind.

  17. SwiftHungrySwallow says:

    You edited that footage like a boss.


  18. PunkRingOfHonorX says:

    Haha I know the Japanese girl!

  19. Thanks for that! GoPro!

  20. Gina Hanrahan says:

    love the video – great work!! gopro!