Check us out and come chat at The first part of the hilarious video series from the Watow Monstows Livestream. The streaming crew decides to take on 4 lucky chat members in a hilarious round of multiplayer Versus in Swamp Fever. Stay tuned for the next parts! It only gets better. Streamers (Infected): Burritosan, eXist, Ryano, Crimmy Viewers (Survivors): Log Jammin' Karl, Jirina, The_Hux, Talasar
Video Rating: 5 / 5

Fifth of 2010, enjoy. My Facebook Tracklist: Second Identity - Identify. Dutch Master - Recalled to Life. Ground Force - Zombie. G-Town Madness ft. The Viper - Come as One (Brennan Heart Remix).

4 Responses to “Watow Monstows: Left 4 Dead 2 Funny – Streamers vs. Viewers [Part 1]”

  1. Strulenthia says:

    Need moar of the vids uploaded babeh :3

  2. Aww yeaaaaaah. Dat Swamp Fever. Gotta hate that ferry part. Always end up getting zerg rushed there.

  3. that bot was handing it to us. almost got him killed till jiri helped him up

  4. Strulenthia says:

    Lol at dem captions :3