trying out for HBV xD rate and comment please suscribe too for my new vids =) ps : i know the editing sucks.. comment bout my shuffling and editing also thanks

12 Responses to “[Xn]ShadowZ tryout for HBV”

  1. XNshadowz says:

    LOL cann la ;D sure can de

  2. XnNeOnz says:

    u gay ! do vid till so nice for wad ! D: i sure cannot in d T-T

  3. XNshadowz says:

    master blaster – everywhere

  4. XNhYdRo says:


  5. XNshadowz says:

    diam la i ask you do in zhi han house you dint
    dont simply complain la

  6. XNjackiE says:

    err…long time didnt comment d…i wan say is…diu u…do vid oso didnt cal me…

  7. XNshadowz says:

    thanks mui =)

  8. XNshadowz says:

    thanks man 😉

  9. JANICE111008 says:

    Kor , nice shuffling , nice editing . Awesome : )
    xo mui .

  10. PiEcEProductions says:

    approved ;D
    and your editing’s quite nice (:
    welcome to HBV.


  11. XNshadowz says:

    lol.. really ?? i dint notice haha thanks anyways

  12. TwinBlades95 says:

    WOHOO~ 1st comment xD

    Well.. to be honest~ Your shuffling is slower than usual o_O other than that it’s okay~ xDDD